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Synonyms for albacore

relatively small tuna with choice white flesh

large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna

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Kingfish, false albacore, sailfish, dolphin and blackfin tuna are almost always more active near the surface from first light till the sun gets up high.
Meanwhile, stripers were up a bit from the previous two years, but false albacore were disappointingly down by about a third.
The most disappointing fishing so far has been for false albacore.
Kingfish, false albacore, barracuda, dolphin, wahoo and blackfin tuna are all possibilities in this area outside the outer reef.
19 -- 69th annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito and False Albacore Derby.
About midmorning, the threadfins go down and are usually replaced by glass minnows, which pull in schools of small Spanish mackerel and false albacore.
While many serious anglers are getting psyched about bonito and false albacore, some very unusual fish have been caught off our coast recently, including triggerfish, wahoo, redfish, and cobia.
Albacore: Matt Sheehan, 32 pounds, 7 ounces; black sea bass, David Medeiros, 7-2; bluefish, Joseph Diodati, 14-11; bonito, Ryan King, 11-6; cusk, Steve Borgati, 20-10; false albacore, Gardiner Bridge, 14-2; fluke, Damon Bullock, 11-12; haddock, Mike Romano, 13-11; mako shark, Upton's Robert Sylvester, 411-0; pollock, Michael Wall, 22-8; porbeagle shark, Bill Murphy, 447-0; scup, Henry Logan, 3-13; Spanish mackerel, Robert Neri, 6-11; striped bass, Jacques Boisvert, 53-10; tautog, Megan Winton, 11-13; thresher shark, Robert Eldredge, 446-0; winter flounder, Brian Barda, 5-0.
Watch Hill, loaded with bay anchovies, is still producing false albacore, but the fishing has gotten much more challenging.
The Lower Forty on Madison Street is reporting an epic push of false albacore from Fishers to Monomoy Island.