fallout shelter

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a shelter to protect occupants from the fallout from an atomic bomb

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New York City education officials announced last month they are taking down the fallout shelter signs at schools.
The Presbyterian minister who lived across the street planned to dig a fallout shelter.
But don't come out of your fallout shelter yet--we're still sitting on thousands of "zombified" or mothballed warheads not affected by the treaty.
From reproductions of ads and pamphlets to a set of Civil Defense carrying cards for the wallet and instructions for building a fallout shelter, this documents the sentiments and thoughts of an unusual era.
82 billion (in current dollars) into civil defense and the idea that, as civil defense bureaucrat Leo Hoegh put it in the 1959 film Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter, "No home in America is modern without a fallout shelter.
Like a radiation detector after you emerge from a nuclear fallout shelter.
Plans to release the album were scrapped after the Fallout Shelter production company financially dissolved.
Her story froze my blood even more than the fallout shelter signs hanging on the bricks outside.
In times past, a part of the hill was hollowed out to create a nuclear fallout shelter for the military, and a souvenir of the times is the imposing white-painted metal blast-proof door that one passes to reach the toilets, reached at the end of a similarly institutionally-painted narrow corridor that, had history turned out differently, would have heard the thunder of Warsaw Pact boots before the multi-pronged wheel on that door was slammed shut.
It also has a pool, private dock, cove, elevator and gym, and also houses two helipads, a barbershop and a fallout shelter in case of a nuclear emergency.
Yes, we could survive the fallout by escaping into our radiation fallout shelter beneath the garden.
Szasz begins the book with some fascinating history, particularly a chapter about the fallout shelter panic of 1961.
which is retrieving and updating the fallout shelter identification program last revised in 1992.
Sky thinks filming her sixteen summer for a school project will prove immeasurably dull--but her video diary evolves into a record of how her family is falling apart with the center of trouble being an evolving fallout shelter.
The building is an old nuclear fallout shelter, with no windows and no shower facilities.