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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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Scott-Cheatham says the enrollment falloffs stem from a variety of factors.
Based on the falloff, she's no longer sure the school will meet its overall enrollment goal of 3,500 students.
The projected falloff for 2006 is 23 percent, meaning the worst of the sales falloff may be behind us, Kleinhenz said.
Automotive-related castings will also experience a fairly large falloff this year, recording a 3.
All industrialized countries experienced falloffs, as did all regions of the United States.
In this volume, Denison, one of the foremost scholars in growth accounting, extends his earlier study of the falloff of output and productivity growth during the 1970s into the early 1980s.
The final chapter reviews alternative explanations for the secular falloff in residual productivity - 1.
Overhyped disappointments led to bad word-of-mouth which equaled steep second-week attendance falloffs and a general sense that Hollywood, more than unusual, didn't know what it was doing.