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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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The conditional forecast of core PCE inflation closely tracks the actual evolution of core PCE inflation, suggesting that most of the falloff of core inflation that occurred over the 2012:Q2 to 2015:Q3 period could be explained by movements in the other variables of the model, that is, by unexpected developments in the determinants of inflation.
The model posits that these two disinflationary developments generated a significant falloff in core inflation.
Scott-Cheatham says the enrollment falloffs stem from a variety of factors.
Based on the falloff, she's no longer sure the school will meet its overall enrollment goal of 3,500 students.
The projected falloff for 2006 is 23 percent, meaning the worst of the sales falloff may be behind us, Kleinhenz said.
The third section assesses whether the falloff in goods inflation relative to services is likely to persist.
In such historical context, the falloff in goods inflation relative to services over the past decade may not be unusual for the United States.
Automotive-related castings will also experience a fairly large falloff this year, recording a 3.
In this volume, Denison, one of the foremost scholars in growth accounting, extends his earlier study of the falloff of output and productivity growth during the 1970s into the early 1980s.
The final chapter reviews alternative explanations for the secular falloff in residual productivity - 1.
Thus, in comparing each series' summer rating in adults 1849 to its regular-season firstrun 18-49 average, the biggest falloffs are being turned in by "The X-Files," (with a 4.
Among dramas, there are two spectacular falloffs, both coming on Sundays (which have been much tougher this summer due to stronger NBA Playoffs).
Those are still relatively average falloffs in an era of ongoing network erosion, but they suggest nevertheless that NBC will have to add up its Thursday books with a very sharp pencil next season.
9), as compared with "Home's" overall 14% falloff in homes (11.
At this point in the season the last three years, Fox was suffering 27%, 37% and 46% falloffs from "Melrose's" household rating.