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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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Figures 2 and 3 show that CPI measures of inflation have also slowed since the beginning of 2012, although the decline in some underlying measures of the trend in CPI prices hasn't been as great as the falloff observed in underlying measures of PCE inflation.
Controlled light falloff retains natural brightness across the entire frame even at the maximum aperture of f/1.
4% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom (127,061 in May 2010 compared with 130,154 in May 2009) and a falloff 0.
Following a bad year for jobs, the absence of a major falloff in credit quality in Q1 is good news," says Jay Harris, VP of Business Services at CoreLogic SafeRent.
The drastic falloff in SEC corporate penalties since 2006 has sent a message to the business community that as long as a financial reporting transgression, for example, doesn't hurt shareholders, then there won't be much of a price to pay in terms of an SEC fine.
Administration sources said the governor will announce an emergency recovery plan as part of the budget that will attempt to plug a multibillion-dollar falloff in state revenues, while aiming to position the state for economic expansion when the recession ebbs.
Gulf banks are facing slowing economic growth, a weakening property sector and a falloff in business tourism, which will prove costly, investment bank EFG Hermes said yesterday.
Automotive-related castings will also experience a fairly large falloff this year, recording a 3.
NEW - Improved Rigging System - With an improved Falloff Zone rigging system, users can rig problem areas - such as hips and shoulders - with more precision, resulting in more realistic bending figures
Off the island, in Upstate New York and New Jersey, housing markets have cooled, with a falloff in home renovation.
The reasons for the falloff of the number of blacks in baseball are as abundant as they are far-reaching.
The continued falloff in shipments follows the industry's biggest year, in which only July and April recorded slight declines.
INTERNET music piracy was yesterday cited as one of the factors behind a falloff in half-year profits at video, CD and DVD packaging manufacturer Coral Products.
American recently announced that it expected to post a loss of $100 million for the second quarter of 2001, due to a downturn in the economy and a corresponding falloff in business travel.