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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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The model posits that these two disinflationary developments generated a significant falloff in core inflation.
Figures 2 and 3 show that CPI measures of inflation have also slowed since the beginning of 2012, although the decline in some underlying measures of the trend in CPI prices hasn't been as great as the falloff observed in underlying measures of PCE inflation.
Controlled light falloff retains natural brightness across the entire frame even at the maximum aperture of f/1.
I am not convinced that sports clubs around the country will enjoy a massive increase in membership, but even if they do, there will certainly be a huge falloff come the cold dark nights of winter even with Mummy or Daddy carrying out taxi duties.
The decline was attributable to a falloff in supply to the market as the number of trade-in vehicles fell due to weak sales of new vehicles as well as to rising prices for used vehicles after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.
Teknor Apex manufactures the blends using a patented process that incorporates high levels of starch without the usual substantial falloff in the physical properties of the host polymer, says Edwin Tam, manager of strategic initiatives, adding, "Many processors are looking for ways to help customers meet sustainability goals by incorporating 'green' content but are discouraged by the property tradeoffs often involved.
4% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom (127,061 in May 2010 compared with 130,154 in May 2009) and a falloff 0.
Following a bad year for jobs, the absence of a major falloff in credit quality in Q1 is good news," says Jay Harris, VP of Business Services at CoreLogic SafeRent.
The drastic falloff in SEC corporate penalties since 2006 has sent a message to the business community that as long as a financial reporting transgression, for example, doesn't hurt shareholders, then there won't be much of a price to pay in terms of an SEC fine.
Sales for the wheels category, including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Tyco R/C, were down 14%, especially due to a falloff in Speed Racer items.
Gulf banks are facing slowing economic growth, a weakening property sector and a falloff in business tourism, which will prove costly, investment bank EFG Hermes said yesterday.
Paterson said that the restructuring was a way to make the agency more efficient and focused at a time when the state's coffers have been strained by a sharp falloff in revenue.
005 dB), steep falloff and low stop band floor (-100 dB) that might not be attainable with simple analog filtering.