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Synonyms for falling

decreasing in amount or degree

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becoming lower or less in degree or value


coming down freely under the influence of gravity


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The face falling to one side, a failure to raise the arms and slurring speech are indicators.
The manager grabbed hold of him and they struggled together for a few minutes when Mr Stephenson felt himself falling to one side and described something hitting his thigh.
Given the functions of the vestibular system, it is no surprise that problems may result in circling or falling to one side, abnormal head position, and oscillatory eye movements.
WORCESTER -- The dancer, barefoot and in a long red dress, has one arm raised, her long dark hair falling to one side, as she lifts one leg in a graceful swirl captured in a watercolor painting at the Worcester Art Museum.
She learned to walk much later - she was nearly two and she couldn't sit up properly, she kept falling to one side.