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Synonyms for meteor

Synonyms for meteor

(astronomy) any of the small solid extraterrestrial bodies that hits the earth's atmosphere

a streak of light in the sky at night that results when a meteoroid hits the earth's atmosphere and air friction causes the meteoroid to melt or vaporize or explode

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Remember, middle stars are "on the bubble"--they can become super stars or falling stars.
Tim Ranscombe, director of South America for distributor Brand Phoenix, said: "Trapiche Falling Star delivers great fruit, super structure and remarkable complexity at the price point.
When Ginny Wakely's mother hummed the old pop hit "Catch a Falling Star," little did she realize that its childlike title applied to her daughter, a Hollywood starlet who became a porn queen.
Protocol II interventions include initiation of falling star identification, use of chair and/or bed alarms, use of low beds, wheelchair seating alternatives, use of protective equipment (helmet, hip pads), half-hourly resident checks and room changes.
But whether the CPA will be a shining or a falling star depends on his or her effectiveness on the witness stand.
Among his books are Grey Riders (1921), Horsemen of the Law Havoc (1931), A Home in the Country (1937), Rudyard Kipling's Vermont Feud (1937), Reluctant Rebel (1948), Catch a Falling Star (1949), In Defense of Worms (1949), Wings of the Morning (1955), and Day of Battle (1958).
Only when it feels you shudder at your own name will it assume the shape we dread, flash once like a falling star, and reappear, elsewhere, as moonlight once again, fingertips, the patient role of names.
As consumers continue to look for bargains in an economy that has changed the way we consume and buy, Falling Star is sure to fill the niche.
But they that fought for England, Following a falling star, Alas, alas for England They have their graves afar.
It is a chance to see a deep, velvety, black sky, millions of sparkling stars, a glowing moon, and maybe a falling star.
As he drifts off to sleep Jeffrey notices a falling star and then he embarks on a quest through the starlit streets, parks, piles of rubbish, water courses, and even a forest, until he finds the crater where the star is resting.
They are releasing her book, Catch A Falling Star, in a re-packaged format with a new cover and title, Jade: Fighting to the End.
Vance and songwriting partner Lee Pockriss also cowrote Catch a Falling Star, a No.
Three Burbank students have received the Catch A Falling Star achievement award from Burbank Noon Lions members, who sponsor a support group for high school students who have turned their lives around by choosing hard work and rejecting violence and crime.
Carson, played by Jim Carter, complained that he could fall but Mrs Hughes told him: "Suppose a bomb goes off, suppose we are hit by a falling star.