falling off

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Synonyms for falling off

a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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Otherwise he kept on pretty well, except that he had a habit of now and then falling off sideways; and as he generally did this on the side on which Alice was walking, she soon found that it was the best plan not to walk QUITE close to the horse.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 9 (ANI): A man died on Thursday after falling off Mumbai's Mantralaya building.
And then she got up and her big eyes went, 'Mum my arm's falling off
New graduates at work have told me they don't wear their badges because they keep falling off.
I AM very angry about the keel falling off a Beneteau First 40.
These wounds were caused by punches or kicks," the Egyptian forensic doctor told prosecutors, "there was no way falling off an air bike would lead to so much damage.
The Ural Airlines aircraft was preparing to depart to Perm when it was hit by a catering truck on its tail, which resulted in the attendant losing her balance and falling off.
AIR India has been let down by its state- of- the- art Boeing 787 Dreamliner yet again with an 8 by 4 feet panel just falling off the fuselage of the plane as it touched down on the runway of the Bangalore airport on Saturday putting at risk the lives of over 160 passengers and crew on board.
A 16-YEAR-OLD boy was taken to hospital with head and arm injuries after falling off a wall on the grounds of Denbigh Castle.
A climber who made a desperate call to police after falling off a mountain in Ras Al Khaimah was later found dead by rescue teams.
A TEENAGER is fighting for his life after falling off his motorbike in Toxteth.
A MAN was taken to hospital after almost falling off the pier at Llandudno.