falling off

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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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But that day I had fallen off twice, my trainer made clear to me something that I had never considered: The fact that I was falling off more frequently than usual was a good thing.
The Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry is calling on airlines to conduct careful maintenance and take measures to prevent parts from falling off planes, according to a ministry official.
Obviously, the load must be secure to protect the public from crushed cars falling on the roadway, the containment part of the law deals with parts of cars falling off.
The inmate alleged that the shower facility in his unit leaked, tiles were falling off the wall, and there were no shower curtains or floor mats.
A man left paralysed after falling off a bar stool while drunk lost his pounds 1 million damages claim in the High Court in Belfast yesterday.
Ask players to walk around all four boards, without falling off, returning to their home boards.
We had to balance what the consumer wanted - to see the front of their shoes, to hold all types and sizes of shoes, flexibility to place it anywhere in the home - with what was good for the shoes - not to be stuffed in a little canvas or plastic pocket, stretched or falling off all the time.
A BUNGLING robber fled empty-handed after falling off a bike he had just stolen from a man in Leamington.
Meanwhile, three men in their early 20s were rescued last night after falling off cliffs in Ballybunion, Co Kerry.
08pm after reports a 12-year-old had fallen an estimated 20ft down a gulley after falling off a rope swing.
A dog was rescued after falling off a cliff on to a beach.
A DOG feared dead after falling off a boat swam to shore and was reunited with his overjoyed owner.
Raised side holsters prevent legs from falling off of the sides of the cushion.