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Synonyms for falling

decreasing in amount or degree

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becoming lower or less in degree or value


coming down freely under the influence of gravity


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Despite sustained pressure, Southport held firm until early in the second half as Danny Holmes got caught in possession with Marna breaking free, falling easily under pressure from Kevin Lee.
Bell said, "Don't count on #1 seeds falling easily.
It is sensibly designed, with its major switches falling easily to hand, extra controls mounted on the steering wheel and a driving position that ensures you emerge from a long trip without a hint of back stiffness.
Inside, the cockpit is spacious, airy and very comfortable with all dials and controls falling easily to hand, although my one and only real criticism would be that the stereo and climate controls were very small and proved a bit of a distraction.
Inside all the switches feel solid - like the car itself - and follow a logical pattern with everything falling easily to hand.