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Synonyms for fallible

Synonyms for fallible

likely to fail or make errors


wanting in moral strength, courage, or will

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She is a daughter of earth; you are an angel of heaven; only be not too austere in your divinity, and remember that I am a poor, fallible mortal.
Why, as to that, I can't say: you know we're all fallible creatures, Helen; we none of us deserve to be worshipped.
And just because we are not misled by familiarity we find it easier to be cautious in interpreting behaviour when we are dealing with phenomena remote from those of our own minds: Moreover, introspection, as psychoanalysis has demonstrated, is extraordinarily fallible even in cases where we feel a high degree of certainty.
In Lincoln's day, critics dubbed him "the National Joker"; yet Lincoln masterfully fashioned a folksy, fallible persona that enabled him to use satire as a weapon without harmful blowback.
AMERICAN WEAT AN WEA HER FORECASTERS AFTER the predicted "snowmageddon" mother of all blizzards failed to materialise in states like New York and Massachusetts, they Y have been shown to be just as fallible as Michael Fish and co can be here.
Petr Cech (left) is only 32 and one of Europe's top keepers, but looks increasingly fallible.
56pm on Mondays, more women fake orgasms, carnal disaster abound because we're wonderful fallible humans, not robots.
If we reject the Bible as our absolute authority, then what else do we have apart from the dubious opinion of fallible man?
But Matthew McConaughey is charmingly belligerent and warmly fallible in a role that should win him this year's best actor Oscar.
Politicians are fallible human beings, and when they fall, churches need to help their members see their political leaders as brothers and sisters in need of prayer and compassion.
Science is fallible because it is controlled by man.
Being that the church has a man-made foundation, it's quite fallible because we made it up.
It's good to know that without her stylist she's as fallible as the rest of us.
This is a stimulating film, revealing that the greatest scientist of the age was as fallible as the rest of us.
Your partner has proved he's human and fallible and you must, if you can, love him despite this.