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the likelihood of making errors

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The Dragons have climbed to fourth in the table on the back of a fourmatch winning run and, having shed their apparent fallibility on the road, will be aiming for a fourth successive away win.
He doubted such visions would ever become a reality given the inherent fallibility of navigation technology.
Yet UEFA still insist on human fallibility in the shape of myopic touchline officials.
Even with critics who accept Una is fallible, Walls goes further to argue 'that fallibility is Una's defining characteristic' (p.
The result is an informative, unsettling reference that captures the fallibility of humanity and the resilience of life.
It covers the definition of user experience design; conducting user research, the user's world, user profiling, the user's co-experience, emotional responses, memory, fallibility, expectations, and motivations; user factors involved in experience design, including competitive advantage, brands, fun, usability, simplicity, challenge, gestalt principles of visual perception, communication and semiotics, narrative, constraints, and productivity; the design process, including the project life cycle, user involvement, personas, scenarios, design requirements, communication and planning, and standards; and design methods, including platforms and technologies, requirements, semantic design, mindset, tools, design patterns, layout, type, and image.
As infallibility is a state of certainty, which does not admit of error, so fallibility is a state of doubt, which does not admit of conviction.
The discussion progresses through chapters that explore the nature of freedom in relation to reason beyond the simple rationality of choice, the concept of responsibility and its links with freedom, the construction of personal identity in relation to the self and the world, the concept of contextual individualism as a mode of rationally managing responsibilities, and the vulnerability and fallibility of the contextual individual.
The fallibility of Hot Spot, which forms part of the decision review system (DRS) in international cricket, were exposed this summer when several faint edges went undetected, the report said.
It was also a hard lesson in the fallibility of electronics and in my own fallibility.
Keywords: Fallibility of Knowledge, Falsificationism, Attitude of Reasonableness, Holism
Besides walking away with the idea that there is no simple or singular way to articulate a physician's responsibilities, readers may be interested in the author's view that even those medical personnel following religious ethical systems must do so with humility and tolerance of other views because human fallibility is always a factor.
Decisions involving uncertainty involve the risk of failure, but there's also the fact that decisions are made by people and are therefore subject to human fallibility.
The last straw for me was realising the fallibility of your sidekick Nick Hewer, who I'd always thought knew what he was talking about.