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  • noun

Synonyms for fallback

the moving back of a military force in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat

Synonyms for fallback

to break off a military action with an enemy

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Front panel LED's display switch position, the switch mode (automatic fallback or manual) and power status.
A quarter of Brits, some 11 million people, are turning to their credit card as a fallback when they run out of funds in their current account.
The SN-DTA/2BIS2V offers a fallback port with built-in phantom power that delivers power to connected ISDN devices whenever the fallback port is not in use or if an existing fallback line is removed.
It's likely that fallback foods have influenced jaw and skull shape as well," said Constantino.
The report says the difficulties in the fallback are caused by the increasing price of the means of agricultural production.
Madonna is doing a new play about a ruthless art dealer, which many have thought could wind up being her fallback career, and in case the play isn't enough to entice you, she does a full-on lesbian kiss somewhere in there, photos of which made all the papers a week before the critics showed up.
As a fallback position, have his successor appoint him Ambassador to Sweden.
But as a mother, she's learned that children don't always cooperate, making vitamin and mineral supplements a useful fallback.
With initial shipments expected during Q3 and Q4, the new SN-DTA and SN4120 product lines expand the range of NT/TE port combinations available from SmartNode, while adding such enhanced feature options as PSTN fallback, phantom power, and a high-precision clock that solves VoIP interop issues with DECT, PBX, and FAX.
With the fallback of oil prices, OPEC will face less pressure.
The fallback was Leander Jordan, who had been victimized filling in for Oben during the final eight games last season when the Chargers allowed 19 of their 31 sacks.
However, in a pinch--such as another Arab oil embargo--it offers a fallback.
Automatic fallback switching of the PTS also allows for hands-free power fallback between primary and secondary sources.
Two of the four variants, the SARA-U260 and SARA-U270, provide GSM/GPRS fallback while SARA-U280 and SARA-U290 are cost-efficient 3G-only variants .
Because the Beacon site has no an e-mail option, Austin's fallback was blogging on a community news site Bossert could not miss seeing, she said.