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Months of immunity from danger under the protecting watchfulness of the sentries, which Tarzan had taught the tribe to post, had lulled them all into a sense of peaceful security based on that fallacy which has wrecked many enlightened communities in the past and will continue to wreck others in the future--that because they have not been attacked they never will be.
The fallacy lay in the immense concession that the bad are successful; that justice is not done now.
There was in this scheme too much of fallacy to satisfy one who utterly detested every species of falshood or dishonesty: nor would he, indeed, have submitted to put it in practice, had he not been involved in a distressful situation, where he was obliged to be guilty of some dishonour, either to the one lady or the other; and surely the reader will allow, that every good principle, as well as love, pleaded strongly in favour of Sophia.
It was an affecting illustration of the fallacy of human projects, to behold her lover, with the great hat pulled over his eyes, the velvet collar turned up as if it rained, the plum-coloured coat buttoned to conceal the silken waistcoat of golden sprigs, and the little direction-post pointing inexorably home, creeping along by the worst back-streets, and composing, as he went, the following new inscription for a tombstone in St George's Churchyard:
This contradicts the assertion of fallacy 5 that the traveler easily reaches and crosses the critical radius.
It is something of a fallacy that's grown up (around me).
Mistakes of Reason: Practical Reasoning and the Fallacy of Accident, ALLAN BACK
This is a fallacy that plagues a lot of traders, especially new traders.
Dacey argues that they are confused, having succumbed to two fallacies, the Privacy and Liberty Fallacies: 'The Privacy Fallacy consists in assuming that because matters of conscience are private in the sense of nongovernmental, they are private in the sense of personal preference .
He presents basic concepts in reasoning and understanding fallacies and goes through many specific examples of types of fallacies, such as the fallacy of exclusion and red herring fallacy, and comments on their occurrence in medicine.
However, was one fallacy overlooked, "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc" (after this--therefore because of this)?
This fallacy underlies the "smart growth" movement now underway in California and elsewhere, which assumes that central planning can yield results that are somehow superior to those produced by decisions manifesting tastes and preferences of individuals pursuing their own self interest.
The paper's authors call the faulty reasoning behind this behavior "the planning fallacy.
Fallacy #1: The moon determines the timing of the rut.
Duncan Foley's aim in Adam's Fallacy is to expose the error of this way of doing economics by demonstrating its origins and evolution in the thought of the giants of economics.