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result of a fallacy or error in reasoning

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If claim (P1) is false on the grounds cited, then claim (P2) is false also, because it links decisions on fallaciousness to decisions on invalidity, and we already know that not all fallacies are invalid arguments.
He covers analyzing argumentative discourse, strategic maneuvering between effectiveness and reasonableness, dialectical and rhetorical perspectives on argumentative discourse, three inseparable aspects of strategic maneuvering, strategic maneuvering in conventionalized communicative practices, determining the strategic function of argumentative moves, fallacies as derailments of strategic maneuvering, the burden of proof, responding to presumed inconsistencies or fallaciousness, and setting up an agenda for further research.
But one may simply turn to the pages of their own holy books to demonstrate the fallaciousness of this or similar beliefs.
Examples from the novel blend simulations of revisited traditional mythologies and real-life-derived situations in which the characters (Nell in this case) must apply the abilities they learn in the Primer to either understand the fallaciousness of an ideology or to act correspondingly in a specific situation, as the following children's tale simulation reveals:
The behavior of the price level from 1922 to 1929 also serves to show the fallaciousness of the cruder form of monetary explanation of the business cycle, as, in the view of the adherents of that theory, depression will not ensue if the price level is stable.
In the Investigations Wittgenstein (1953) shifts his emphasis from logic to ordinary language which he maintains works to appreciate the openness of language and the language-user while disabusing us of the fallaciousness of traditional approaches to the question of language, truth, and meaning.
He quotes Voltaire's famous optimist in order to show the fallaciousness of excessive or naive adaptationism: "Everything is made for the best purpose.
Revealing the fallaciousness of one superficial construct, Manzano deftly turns to another when he critiques the notion that the privileged house slave enjoyed an advantage over the field slave by deconstructing the causal relationship that historical precedent establishes.
pathetic fallaciousness of clouds: cumulonimbus mammals, Polonian
I merely want to show the fallaciousness of various arguments to the effect that we do not.
He lucidly exposed the fallaciousness of traditional metaphysics and the undecidability of the synthetic a priori, even speaking of the end of metaphysics.
The thought that believes it can withdraw from historicity, which is to say from the relation from what is other than itself, the thought that refuses the relativity of relation, is a thought that can hide its fallaciousness only through the possession of a power over other human beings.
Also, because the historical introduction of diseases to a society is often associated with Western exploration and colonialism, a discussion of smallpox in Japan will demonstrate to students the fallaciousness of that association.
In some cases, one almost blushes at the obvious fallaciousness of the importation of poor Hamilton into accounts of particular episodes in Burr's life with which he had nothing in particular to do; it seems that Isenberg does not realize that to quoque is a classic fallacy.
The next few points are a description of the mismatch between Israel's stated political objectives and the military means employed to achieve them, a nod to the enthusiasm with which individual soldiers participated in the debacle, an endorsement of the brutal effectiveness of the Israeli air campaign, and an acknowledgment of the fallaciousness of believing that airpower alone could defeat Hizbullah.