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Synonyms for fall-flowering

of plants that bloom during the autumn

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Also, many fall-flowering shrubs and trees can be pruned safely through March.
For those not included, the rule of thumb is to divide spring-flowering kinds in fall and fall-flowering kinds in spring.
Butterfly bushes, rose-of-Sharon and fall-flowering hydrangeas can be lightly shaped in the fall, then pruned as needed to control their future development.
Nerines are highly decorative, summer and fall-flowering bulbs from the Narcissus family.
There is even a fall-flowering, fragrant, yellow-blooming native witchhazel, Hamamelis virginiana, whose October-to-December flowering period can almost overlap the first openings of the spring-flowering types.
In the Valley, when fall-flowering carob trees begin to waft their unique perfume, it is a signal that the worst of the year's heat is over and that fall planting may begin in earnest.