fall off

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  • verb

Synonyms for fall off

come off

fall heavily or suddenly


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diminish in size or intensity


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I thought 'I've got to get out' and I jumped out and saw the car fall off the cliff - Paige Dean, above with her brother Cameron, standing at the edge of the cliff with the car in the water below her, right, and with a piece of the car that fell off before the plunge, below
Mr Devlin said: "When the steering started vibrating I thought that one of the bolts on the wheels hadn't been tightened properly, not that wheels were going to fall off.
Unfortunately, the fate of never having to fall off again was not written for me.
They try to stay on the wave as long as they can before they fall off.
If you fall off while riding on the flat or jumping and hit your head hard on a fence or the ground, it's a good idea to replace your helmet.
As the leaves begin to fall off, Fletcher tries to catch and reattach leaves to the tree.
Dalton Spinola, 68, from Grangetown, was in a boat in the harbour when he saw the girders fall off.
The tree does produce dozens of large avocados, although many fruit fall off when they are still small.
Even the best riders can fall off and most riders have had at least one bad fall during their riding career.