fall guy

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Synonyms for fall guy

one who is made an object of blame

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

Synonyms for fall guy

a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

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He also described Joson and another suspect, Arnel Janoras, as fall guys.
This year's fall guy scenario is a bit more complicated, though, since John Farrell and his staff have that World Series to their credit.
Este termino lo descubri en uno de los clasicos del cine americano, en el inolvidable El Halcon Maltes, filme de John Huston (ese personaje tan querido en nuestro Puerto Vallarta), donde actuaban Humphrey Bogart, la seductora Mary Astor y el genial gordo Sidney Greenstreet, uno de los grandes villanos del Hollywood clasico, y entre otros un actorcito llamado Elisha Cook, de aspecto patetico y a quien le tocaba hacer justamente de fall guy.
Kevin Blackwell was the fall guy as Neil Warnock came back to haunt Sheffield United on the second weekend of the npower Championship season, and left them looking for a new manager.
as a fall guy to annoy everyone and no doubt he'll be there to the end because he's great viewing.
I have to accept that I appear to be the fall guy and may be the fall guy,'' Gosper said.
The CAO job might pay well, but it has serious drawbacks -- like being the fall guy for all that goes wrong in county government, without having the power to fix it.
Birmingham Mail columnist Newbon became the fall guy of the bizarre ritual after he predicted Tamworth would lose away to League One side Hartlepool.
USA Today 'For the British boxer chosen to be the fall guy in Tyson's comeback bid, this was the breakthrough fight that could make his career.
Tell her you appreciate her sense of humor but to alter her schtick a little to exclude you as the fall guy.
You get the point, Jews, Spain, cold-war anxiety, and postmodern reflexivity - history as an alibi or a fall guy for style.
Abbott became a well - known name on Broadway as the co - author and director of such popular plays as The Fall Guy (1925), Broadway (1926), and Coquette (1928).
FALL GUY She takes a tumble after stepping towards car but is saved by Benji
MANILA -- Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co maintained that he is being made a fall guy in the Aman Futures pyramiding scheme and expressed confidence that the remaining complaints against him will be dismissed.
Dwayne hatches a hare-brained scheme with Travis to kidnap pizza delivery guy Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), strap a bomb to his chest and then force the fall guy to rob a bank for the hit man's extortionate fee.