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But, this time, he lacked the insolent arguments about defending frontiers and protecting religious sites and waded into an ocean of embarrassments that precipitated his fall from grace and established him as a mere proxy for Iran.
My fall from grace was because I was adjusting a mirror to see myself better.
The IPP's fall from grace was a devastating blow, given that they once had up to 86 MPs in the Westminster Parliament.
Summary: Tiger Woods has taken full responsibility for the marital infidelities which have led to his startling fall from grace.
Meanwhile, former Chester striker Daryl Clare has expressed his sadness at the clubs fall from grace.
Sagara 8Saeed Bin Suroor Tenth, Goodwood, June 7 Third in the Arc, last in a Goodwood Listed race - a swift fall from grace.
Written by political science and economics expert Sandra Worth, who lectures regularly on the subject of the War of the Roses, The Rose of York: Fall from Grace is the dynamic, award-winning conclusion to Worth's "Rose of York" series of historically accurate novels.
However he suffered a swift fall from grace in just two days in April 1968 when he was axed from the shadow Cabinet.
Even shady preacher Jim Bakker could be spotted whooping it up at any number of the town's gay bars before his fall from grace in 1987 (while Tammy could be seen shopping for false eyelashes all around town).
For many of his supporters, it was an ironic cause of a fall from grace for Bamattre, who was promoted to chief 11 years ago to combat the very same problems that are now being reviewed by the Fire Commission.
Perhaps it is a modern fall from grace and accession to knowledge, as suggested by the only living creature in these images, aside from a few plants: a coiled-up snake in Luxus II.
Without this moment, Ryan could be seen as exploiting its subject, but Landreth implicates himself enough to prevent the mere romanticizing of the fall from grace of a fellow artist.
And to add insult to injury MoTD pundit and former QPR teammate Gavin Peacock took great delight in highlighting Langley's goof to the world, calling for a replay to review his fall from grace.
It is a story of the fall from grace to redemption through the most powerful thing in the world .
THE DAYS WHEN THE Sony brand was known worldwide as a sure thing are gone, and the company's recent fall from grace (its run of sub-par results and subsequent restructuring schemes) has been far from spectacular.