fall flat

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fail utterly

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But he knows the chance of representing his country could fall flat if the Scarlets drop below Newport Gwent Dragons in the Celtic League and are forced into a
It has been suggested that Gillett will fall flat on his face in his efforts to redevelop Donington Park to the tune of pounds 100m.
She tries on over fifty costumes before she finds the perfect one--which seems to fall flat until a stranger brings a new dilemma to the ball.
True, some scenes sparkle while others fall flat, but the reader will still want to know what happens.
The wide range of sensibilities don't always mesh, emotional notes (and a surprising number of musical ones) often fall flat, and some music-vid-style production numbers disrupt what little narrative drive Barber gets going.
WARNING signs have gone up in a Midland park because of the "terrible" condition of paths which caused a two-year-old boy to fall flat on his face.
A couple of hours later I am going nonstop almost to the bottom of an amateur sand bowl--pretty fast, I think, but not fast enough, because when I try to make a turn I fall flat on my chest.
Unfortunately in this project, words fall flat on the page.