fall down

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lose an upright position suddenly


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A pathologist found the cause of death was traumatic injury to the brain following a fall down stairs, due to the toxic effects of alcohol.
The structural surveyor says the sky probably won't fall down but it is best if you still sleep, charlie And The chocolate Factory style, in the one bedroom.
I had a terrible fear that he would fall down the stairs.
LAHORE -- Pakistan TehreekeInsaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday dodged a fall down from stage, Dunya News reported.
While walking inside the venue, she appeared to have misplaced her foothold and started tripping but luckily, before she could fall down she was held up by two assistants.
A technician trainee allegedly assaulted a student on the spectators' stadium at the end of a Rugby Tournament and caused him to fall down and lose a front tooth, a court heard.
From 3 to 5 February, the temperature will fall down in Chui and Talas regions by -25[degrees]C (-13[degrees]F) at night, and by -15[degrees]C (5[degrees]F) in daytime.
A MAN'S fatal brain injuries could have been caused by a street assault or a fall down a flight of stairs, a jury heard.
The statement was published prior to Israeli military spokesman acknowledges the fall down of one its reconnaissance drone planes over Gaza.
To be honest with you, don't fall down in front of a billion people.