fall cankerworm

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green or brown white-striped looper

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The overall pattern of defoliation is very similar to the pattern of cankerworm distribution, and suggests that fall cankerworm is responsible for associational susceptibility in cottonwoods; cottonwoods growing with a heterospecific suffer greater herbivory than cottonwoods growing in the open.
001), demonstrating that fall cankerworm densities accounted for most of the differences in defoliation levels.
When potted cottonwoods were experimentally placed varying distances from box elder trees, we found that cankerworm numbers significantly declined with increasing distance from source box elders, showing that increased distance from box elder resulted in decreased susceptibility to fall cankerworm (Page's [L.
Clearly, associational susceptibility to fall cankerworm occurs when cottonwoods grow in the immediate vicinity of box elder.
However, 20 of 30 larvae consumed at least some cottonwood, indicating that even though cottonwood is not preferred, it is a potential host for fall cankerworm.
Both experimental and observational results support the conclusion that cottonwood suffers associational susceptibility to fall cankerworm when growing under box elder.
Fall cankerworm larvae do not shift from box elder to cottonwood as a result of changes in larval host preferences.
Despite cottonwood's status as a relatively minor host of fall cankerworm, fall cankerworm can have an important impact on this plant.
First, fall cankerworm is a generalist herbivore with respect to box elder and cottonwood.
During all three years of our study, locally high densities of fall cankerworm depleted the preferred resource, box elder, and then "spilled over" onto the less-preferred host, cottonwood.
With the low dispersal ability of late instar fall cankerworm, it is not surprising that associational susceptibility was evident at the scale of only a few meters (Fig.