fall away

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diminish in size or intensity


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A notable tone of Things Fall Away is its de-centering of perspectives that privilege transcendental-type explanations and constructions in what makes for proper political subjects, and thus the continued abstraction of social relations and everyday poetics in accounting for these transformative processes.
The Royals were looking to make an immediate return to the Premier League following their relegation last season and had made a superb start to the campaign only to see their form fall away in the final three months of the season.
The readings suggest that broadband speeds outside the London area fall away quickly, and that customers in Northern Ireland and Wales get average speeds barely half those found in the capital.
uk' Residents and business owners on the banks of the Severn were breathing a sigh of relief yesterday as these flood waters began to fall away.
They use permanent magnets--high-density ceramic or optional rare earth magnets--to separate ferrous debris from wood material by holding the tramp iron and embedded metal scrap against the conveyor belt and allowing it to fall away from the underside of the conveyor after the clean wood products have been discharged.
On some fall away rests, one particular position may assure the best clearance.
The 47-year-old Welshman guided Stoke to the top of the Coca-Cola Championship in the first two months of last season but a lack of goals saw the Potters fall away to finish 12th.
However, the market turned sour over the remaining nine months, as volumes from traditional markets began to fall away.
But Darlo clung on and Hodgson said: "We're now in a great position but I've seen teams fall away at this stage too.
After TV pictures showed both Juve goals should not have stood while a legitimate strike by Zlatan Ibrahimovic was wrongly disallowed for offside the motormouth striker said: 'If football carries on like this then your desire to play the game will just fall away.
The CEO of British Airways has said that he expects Asian airlines to follow the path of US and European airlines by consolidating as the region's weaker airlines fall away.