fall apart

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Synonyms for fall apart

lose one's emotional or mental composure

break or fall apart into fragments


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Apart from foreign writers and scholars, notable African based writers and scholars will also be invited to present papers and talks,' Okediran said, adding that copies of Things Fall Apart would be provided for pupils participating in the literary competition.
On the plus side, the oatcake does not fall apart when spreading a topping but that does not detract from the disappointing taste.
His first novel, "Things Fall Apart," deals with the clash of cultures and the violent transitions in life and values brought about by the onset of British colonialism in Nigeria at the end of the 19th century.
Elements combine or fall apart according to your point of view (in literal and metaphorical senses).
So when did it all begin to fall apart, I wondered?
Things Fall Apart First novel by Achebe, Chinua , written in English and published in 1958.
The local old hackberries are notorious for their propensity to fall apart in huge chunks, and we knew that one of our tree's codominant trunks was balanced in our direction, a little too close for comfort.
The first novel by an African to attain the status of a contemporary classic, Things Fall Apart has been translated into many languages.
All Things Fall Apart is slated for an early 2012 theatrical release with home entertainment, VOD, digital and broadcast to follow under the company's One Village label.
Bulgaria's right-wing Blue Coalition may fall apart, as one of the two major parties within it, the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF), is to decide on whether it would take part in the 2013 general elections on its own.
FILM legend Mario Van Peebles has said 50 Cent was a dream to direct in Things Fall Apart.
If we didn't have them, society will fall apart, as it almost has anyway.
There's a mild fascination from an actor's point of view with letting it all fall apart.