fall apart

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Synonyms for fall apart

lose one's emotional or mental composure

break or fall apart into fragments


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All Things Fall Apart tells the story of a Heisman-bound college football star whose career hits a wall when he is diagnosed with a tumor only inches from his heart.
I try not to fall apart, don't particularly want to go there.
So when did it all begin to fall apart, I wondered?
Many deals fall apart either because one of the parties negotiates in bad faith, or one party makes unrealistic and onerous demands.
The first line of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's debut novel begins with: "Things started to fall apart at home when.
Keith's life starts to fall apart shortly thereafter.
Tolkien--the man who devoted so much of his life to creating the Middle Earth of The Lord of the Rings, complete with an elaborate philology for his imaginary languages--then Dick was the fellow who confessed, in an essay called "How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later," that he liked "to build universes that do fall apart.
Once beautiful designs fall apart at the seams Once great designers turn in their graves, Annoyed at the nightmare that's become of their dreams.
ALAN THOMPSON fears Celtic could fall apart next season without Henrik Larsson.
The old-style ground wire clamps used on fuel tankers are known to fall apart from rust and broken springs.
Mehretu's is a world in which things fall apart, but also fall together.
I'd let myself fall apart, and I'd sit in darkness.