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the art of training falcons to hunt and return

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Ashraf Al Halah, from Jordan's Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, said it was important to preserve the traditions of falconry as it formed a unique part of Middle Eastern culture.
Discussing the actual practice of falconry, Suweidan stated that he was himself a falconer, and had participated in local hunts as well as hunting expeditions abroad.
I have organised falconry shows for educational purposes to promote the art, held exhibitions, worked for legalising falconry in that country, set up a falconry association and had taught the art of conservation, with help of conservationists.
Birds of prey from Durham falconry were also on show and customers were treated to flying demonstration from the birds.
Zulu the owl with the happy couple Jason Jenkins and Melissa Bowen of Llandudno after the bird delivered an engagement ring on a visit to Northwich-based Cheshire Falconry
The emirate has taken on a new challenge as it leads international efforts to include falconry in the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
At the festival the Duke of York experienced first hand the true art of falconry and its associated cultural elements which I'm sure brought the UAE story to life for him.
We had done innumerable demonstrations and programs for conservation groups and the New Hampshire Fish and Game, and the school grew out of the realization that there was no end to the public's interest regarding raptors and the sport of falconry," she said.
The free show at St David's Parish Hall and field this year includes a highly anticipated chance to see Saxon the Golden Eagle in a falconry display.
Wayne Poole is a falconry expert who puts on spectacular birds of prey shows up and down the east coast.
Historically there's always been a fascination: Owls have had a certain mystique since the year dot and falconry is probably the oldest form of hunting besides spears that you can get, '' says Steve Birchall, owner of Cheshire Falconry.
A falconry centre is taking off after securing funding from the Wales Tourist Board.
The Acton man and the bird of prey share a unique bond in falconry, an ancient hunting skill.
The Mohamed Bin Zayed School of Falconry and Desert Physiognomy, which is based in Telal Resort in Al Ain, celebrated the graduation of the first group of female falconers in the world, who mastered the principles of Arabian Falconry and its morals, rules, and ancient arts that are related to the conservation of nature.