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He was joined by Dr Margit Muller, director of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, chairman of the Health Authority -- Abu Dhabi (Hd) and board member of the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC), Majid Al Mansouri, board member of IFHC and Brigadier (Rtd.
Abed al Jarouf who works in one of the stores of the Falcon Souq and has two decades of experience in training and keeping falcons, told Qatar Tribune "The history of falconry is long, and dates back centuries.
Nothing would dislodge them - until Joe Suffredini unleashed his fleeting falcons.
He borrowed pet falcons from falconers and successfully bred 20 birds within three years, releasing grown birds into the wild.
All that changed when two wandering peregrine falcons flew to Ottawa, the capital of Canada.
In fact, Falcon, the "natural marksman," proposes that slavery is merely a metonym of a far more significant scar, one deeply embedded in the human psyche: "'Mind was made for murder.
Since certain species of falcons like the Saker, which is most favoured in the Gulf for hunting, are endangered, capturing a wild falcon is illegal in the UAE.
Suffredini's flock of nine falcons is charged with chasing away the hordes of sea gulls who view the mountains of garbage as their smorgasbord.
The Falcon solution uses a combination of sophisticated neural network models, patented account profiling technologies, case management and flexible, user-definable intelligent rules to analyze payment card transactions for the most subtle signs of fraud.
In 1995, the late Shaikh Zayed realised the deteriorating situation and established the Falcon Release Programme.
But it is the falcon, with its speed, agility and fierce beauty in flight, that grips Guenther.
SAN DIEGO -- Verimatrix, setting the standard in content security technologies that enhance the value of pay-TV networks, today announced that Falcon Broadband has selected the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS[TM]) to provide digital video content security over the carrier's IP network.
Stop using the wild Saker' altogether was the general recommendation reached at the end of the three-day meeting here by national and international environmentalists and falcon specialists, organized by the Environment Agency -- Abu Dhabi on the topic of saving the wild saker falcon from decline.
A list of possibilities includes Raymont Harris, Rashaan Salaam and former Falcon Harold Green.
The Falcon system then advances with installation, signal management, and testing, with final delivery to the set-top box within the subscriber's home.