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curved like a sickle

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Tibial apophysis very short and wide, with additional ventral spike (Figs 59-62), bulb of irregular shape, embolus falciform (Fig.
1-4) Angiomyolipoma, including its epithelioid variant, belongs to the family of tumors with perivascular epithelioid differentiation, that is, PEComas, which include clear cell myomelanotic tumor of the falciform ligament, ligamentum teres, and common bile duct; lymphangio(leio)myomatosis; pulmonary and extrapulmonary clear cell "sugar" tumors; and a group of rare, morphologically and immunohistochemically similar lesions seen at other sites.
The mesentery and mesocolon hold the small and large intestines loosely in place; the falciform supports the liver to the anterior abdominal wall and diaphragm; the lesser omentum suspends the duodenum and stomach from the liver.
8); the first branch biggest, curved spike-like, well sclerotized, second one short and blunt, and third one smallest, falciform.
The fibres to the ischial ramus, which form a sickle shaped extension, are known as the falciform ligament (Romanes, 1964) (Figure 2).
The Sister Mary Joseph lymph node is a firm nodule in the umbilicus, often from tumor extending down the falciform ligament, and may cause a bloodstained discharge from the umbilicus.
Pectoral fins relatively small, falciform, their length almost equal as the cephalic length; insertion of pelvic fins begins at post-distal part of gill opening and above the thoracic border.
The dorsal mesentery gives rise to the lesser omentum, falciform ligament and the visceral peritoneum of the liver.
The paired oviducts are slender segments, which emerge from the peritoneal cavity by an ostium in the falciform ligament (Fig.
First tarsal segment of hind legs dorsal length as long as basal diameter of this segment at least, but if shorter, then the second one is falciform.
Initial findings were of dilated small bowel overlying the liver, and a diaphragmatic hernial defect visualised to the right of the falciform ligament.