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curved like a sickle

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What the heck was this duck, with the white spot above its bill, the iridescent green head and those gunmetal gray chest feathers with long, falcated (or sickle-shaped) tertials?
In fact, a falcated duck has been sighted here before, but the word seems well and truly out in the birding community this time.
One is a listing of the 403 species known to occur here - including such "very rare" birds as the falcated duck, arctic look and yellow-bellied sapsucker.
But this time of year, birdwatchers have visions of falcated ducks, snowy owls and wayward falcons.
Last year, he and his team were startled to discover a falcated duck on a Coburg pond - a stunning bird more common to Asia than North America.
This year's counters also found some other "unusual" birds for this area - including a falcated duck and peregrine and prairie falcons).
As of early in the week, birders reported a rare falcated duck still was being spotted at Kirk Pond near Fern Ridge Lake.
They came hoping to see a Falcated Duck, a native of Asia never before recorded in Oregon.
Word of the Falcated Duck's presence was on the wire within minutes after it was first sighted by John Houle as he and Daphne Turner checked out the ducks on Kirk Pond from atop Fern Ridge Dam.