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curved like a sickle

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5 cm long, divergent to declined, deciduous, dehiscent, linear and slightly falcate or abruptly upturned at tip, subterete, usually submoniliform, thinly coriaceous, strigose.
34-35) tube-like, developed, surrounding aedeagus medially, with a falcate process at apex in left side, tip of the process truncate or acute, with a hooked process in right side.
The most distinguishing characteristics of Fusarium oxysporum through the microscopic observation were the presence of falcate fusoid three to five septale macroconidia with pointed and curved ends, microconidia borne in false head on short monophialides.
7 cm, 8-13 pairs, linear-lanceolate, straight to falcate, basal pinnae slightly deflexed, marginally entire; apical pinnae 3.
6g (Day 1957) shows only a falcate spine; the paratype also has younger spines which are straight and pointed, as described for the new material.
Anal fin noticeably more falcate than dorsal fin, with 3 simple and 5 branched rays.
3A) Mandibles slender, falcate, lacking medial teeth, directed dorsomedially to cross beneath anterior margin of the nasale, two small sensilla laterally, one proximal and one medial; maxilla with galea absent, maxillary cardo reduced with one sensillum, stipes short, fingerlike, medial surface without sensilla, two prominent ventral lateral sensilla; maxillary palps three segmented, first segment 0.
fimbriatum by abundant costal scales and the robust falcate sori closer to the costae with entire indusia (vs.
new growth, its longer leaves, and its longer, often falcate, pinnae
Mouth parts -- Mandible falcate and about twice as long as wide at base, weakly serrate on interior margin; maxilla with one hair-like sensillum on reduced cardo, stipes bearing two lateral hair-like sensillum on papilliform projection between finger-like galea and origin of palp; maxillary palp with small sensillum near origin of 1st segment (x = 0.
This differs by its larger fronds, broader and longer pinnae (to 25 x 4 cru; to 8 x 2 cru in Nitta 281) with more oblique and falcate segments, basal segments of ar least the distalmost pinnae strongly reduced, persistent stipe base scales, and relatively large, tan indusia.
long-lanceolate, falcate basally, acuminate to acute apically, margins
Forewing ground color pale yellow-brown, apex slightly falcate, with a small, obscure, irregular spot; termen slightly arched, curved near apex, fringe dark fuscous; inner margin slightly prominent at basal 1/3; antemedian fascia arched, short, near inner margin; discocellular and postmedian fasciae wavy, postmedian fascia with upper 1/2 liking a lying horizontally "V"; a bigger black spot at basal area and a smaller one at the end of the discal cell; submargin with a brown kidney-shaped spot.