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a Spanish member of General Franco's political party


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Later, a group of uniformed Falangists entered, saluting the portrait of General Franco that hung on the wall.
The Civil War would interrupt everything and the victors took over the responsibility for these initiatives by forming a National Theatre with falangist roots.
They stay out late, gamble and indulge in luxuries and alcohol, in stark contrast to the ideals of militaristic discipline and moral clarity of the original, Falangist impulse behind the Nationalist Movement.
While Hitler and Mussolini bombed the republic on behalf of the 'rebel' fascist forces under General Franco who upheld the Falangist banner of 'Family, Church and Civilization' -- a fascist prototype for Obama's 'humanitarian intervention' on behalf of his 'rebels'.
When the book was published in 1957, most reviewers agreed that Wright's use of the Falangist handbook for young women was a brilliant means of exposing the great gap between what Wright refers to as "the official Spain and the human Spain" (66).
Adalgisa, who is nearing forty, means well but is warped and distorted in her moral and ethical sense by Spanish Catholicism, mixed with the pro-Franco Falangist sympathies (she is of Spanish ancestry) that are being promulgated by her confessor.
2) Franco and other Falangist leaders made occasional negative characterizations of Jews, typically conflating them with the Soviet Union through such references as "Judeo-Bolshevism" or "Judeo-Marxism," but the primary enemies of the Falange, the Spanish government, and the Catholic Church remained communism, liberal democracy, separatism, and capitalism.
All Lebanese shall remain loyal to our government's promise to have a sovereign free secure and safe Lebanon, a strong government, a capable government to fulfil the ambitions of the citizens," Samir Geagea, leader of Lebanese Forces, a Christian Falangist party, told the crowd.
Certainly some of the country's Lebanese diamond brokers supported radical Islamic movements--although any benefits during the civil war were somewhat undercut by others who were funding the Christian Falangist movement.
Not rusted rifles and rotted uniforms buried in the basement for the quarter century since the dictator died and everyone in Spain agreed not to talk about him or his regime, but the remnants of Francoist and Falangist ideology in contemporary Spanish literature are explored by Spanish, other European, and American scholars.
They found the capital under siege by the Falangist "Army of Africa"--mostly Foreign Legionaries and Moors, superbly equipped by Italy and Germany.
This is another reason why the church succumbed to the temptation to condone or at least tolerate authoritarian rule in the first half of the 20th century--not only in fascist Italy, but in Spain and Portugal, where Falangist dictators helped preserve some traditional prerogatives, and in Ireland, where independence attained in 1922 did not necessarily mean a pluralistic, democratic society.
Access to work and ration cards meant getting identity cards and safe conducts which involved certificates of "good behaviour" from local Falangist officials and parish priests.
throwing its weight behind the fascist Falangist party,