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Synonyms for fake

Synonyms for fake

a fraudulent imitation

to contrive and present as genuine

to make a fraudulent copy of

to impart a false character to (something) by alteration

to take on or give a false appearance of

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for fake

something that is a counterfeit

(football) a deceptive move made by a football player


make a copy of with the intent to deceive

Related Words

tamper, with the purpose of deception

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths


not genuine or real

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Instead of tasking people with fact checking individual claims or trying sort between bias and outright falsehoods, the Fake News Detector AI goes under the hood of a website in question and examines its parts, which can be more revealing than the text on the screen.
Hair stylers and children's electronic games are the other most common fakes and almost all contain incorrect or faulty parts.
Lorraine Dickinson: "He's got PS25k of fake goods and got charged less than PS1k - where's the logic in that?
In Newcastle, more than PS250,000 of fake designer clothes and leather goods have been seized so far this year.
The Royal Mint website has pictures of fake coins and everyone should be on the look-out for those and they should hand them to the police.
The warning comes after circumstantial evidence emerged that vehicles involved in accidents unwittingly end up with fake parts during repairs done at non-agency garages working with insurance firms to keep costs down.
Almost everything about these plates is wrong: the pink lustre borders, the colours and style of the floral decoration, the undersized foot rim; but the biggest giveaway - and this is often the case with porcelain fakes - is the nature of the body and the glaze.
But this is not the same as massaging experimental results, plagiarizing a paper, or creating false citations--three more ways to fake.
With a range of our own designs, we can provide fake degrees for any University or College in the UK and worldwide.
This is a 500 billion dollar industry and I think about this all the time, especially when I travel and consider some of the aircraft parts may be fake.
As the QB completes the fake, he thinks run first, pass second.
This is going to change what we do,'' said Acosta, observing an illegal vendor peddling fakes on a street corner three blocks down.
During fakes, many of the brain regions with increased activity were ones involved in muscle control.
Disappointed fans who have bought the fakes have been turned away when they try to exchange them.