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the act of faking (or the product of faking)

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Last night, responding to allegations of fakery, Channel 4 said: "It clearly states in the programme voiceover that trained crew are part of the experiment, living under exactly the same conditions as the other men.
All of this could be treated as a joke against fashion victims, but unfortunately fakery goes far further than conning people over clothes or white goods.
The 41-year-old's short, spectacular rise and fall shows how fakery has evolved in China, morphing from the manufacture of copycat goods to entire institutions and careers.
Basil Brush is fun and makes topical jokes about Little Mix and fakery on Frozen Planet.
In the natural world, fakery can range from minor enhancement of a genuine mineral or fossil specimen to bilking investors of millions of dollars for a worthless mining claim.
There were 260 reports related to fire accidents, 731 reports on forgery and fakery cases and 109 related to fingerprints on arms and equipment.
where's the self-indulgence in forgery, fakery, if it doesn't
The humble Corn Flake is undergoing space-age laser treatment in an outlandish move by Kellogg's to help combat cereal fakery by own-label rivals.
Muhammad Asif Jabbarkhel, border police commander at the airport, told a press conference that 23 cases were of smuggling and the rest pertained to fakery.
Even today his fakery has left some (presumed) seventeenth-century Dutch paintings under a cloud of suspicion.
Elsewhere there was Nikki, a 23-year-old platinum blonde Scouser who spends every waking minute dolling herself up in various fakery to look like WAG Alex Curran.
Concerns about such fakery are sure to surface in today's ceremony - the place where early points are scored in the battle of the Wags.
Naked in the Woods: Joseph Knowles and the Legacy of Frontier Fakery
There's so much fakery in Hollywood, it's hard to go back to being real.
FOOTBALL stars Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ian Rush, Gary Neville and Alex Ferguson emerged as new prosecution witnesses in a sports memorabilia fakery trial yesterday.