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a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man

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Muhammad Arshad Fakeer (Pakistan Justice Party), Muhammad Arshad Awan (independent), Muhammad Sana Ullah Masti Khel (independent), Muhammad Khan (independent), Muhammad Nawaz (independent), Malik Ansar Ali Kohawar (independent), Najeeb Ullah Khan (independent), Nighat Yasmeen (independent) are contesting election for NA-73.
It is also pertinent to mention here that Moulvi Fakeer was the associate chief of the banned Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and allegedly involved in several terrorists activities in the country.
CAGR (2012-2017) Figure 13: Heineken Cube Figure 14: Innovative new label graphics increase shelf-appeal of beverage bottle Figure 15: Metallized paper labeling increase shelf appeal Figure 16: Lightweight tapered beer bottle Figure 17: Lightweight glass bottle reduces carbon emissions Figure 18: Peroni lightweight glass Figure 19: Premium packaging for a vodka bottle Figure 20: Sunny D square bottle Figure 21: DeepGrip bottle Figure 22: Easy Wine Glass Figure 23: Easy Wine Glass Figure 24: Dual chambered juice bottle Figure 25: Stacked Wine Figure 26: Innovative single-serve beverage packaging, by Gepack Figure 27: Fakeer Energy Drink Figure 28: Lightweight PET bottle weighs 7.
Worst ever flood wreaked havoc in Goth Ghulam Muhammad Jamali, Goth Faisal Fakeer Lashari, Goth Mir Doda Khan, Goth Choki Jamali, Goth Mir Feroze Khan Jamali, Goth Janan Jamali, Goth Dur Muhammad Jamali and Goth Ibrahim Zehri.
According to detail, the police started search operation and threw cordon around Eid Gah, Baran Abad and Fakeer Abad and arrested six suspects including two tribesmen.