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a fake in the form of an imitation book

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Recently for $60 I bought a copy of a book titled The Ultimate Fake Book which contains over 1,200 songs, all transposed to the key of C, lyrics included No orchestrations or elaborations, just bare bones straight ahead music to play with.
Himself a trained musician, Morgan is currently studying jazz piano and has even tried his hand at selections from The Fred Hersch Fake Book, a collection of Hersch's best-known songs.
Help comes when they discover a useful book at the house: "Fortunately, Ralph Wayvone's library happened to include a copy of the indispensable Italian Wedding Fake Book, by Deleuze & Guattari, which Gelsomina, the bride, to protect her wedding from such possible unlucky omens as blood on the wedding cake, had the presence of mind to slip indoors and bring back out to Billy Barf's attention" (97).
She had used the fake book to get a work permit, but local government staff in Cardiff became suspicious when she produced it in order to get a National Insurance number.
Most musicians who play general-business gigs--yard parties, proms, club dates, and the like--know what a fake book is; it shows melodies, lyrics, and chord progressions that players can use as a substitute for standard sheet music.
The protagonist of her novel Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book (1988) is a young Chinese-American man who lives without regard to consequences.
The prize committee has been known to go to great lengths to keep the lid on its discussions, using fake book covers when reading in public and referring to authors by codenames.
The session was held on March 10 after three individuals who were named in a fake book as elements of the Iranian regime filed a complaint.
The title of the fake book read: 'Desision Points .
Someone interested in a Fake Book for Piano with over 1,000 songs - free.
They are disgusted by a fake book cover with the title A to Z of Holiday Camps by Dr J Menegles painted onto the wall of the park's diner, Bizarre.
The Great Composers Fake Book is a delightful collection of 140 renowned classic melodies excerpted and arranged for flute, violin, recorder, keyboard, guitar, harp and other C instruments in treble clef.
Sirius cofounded Mondo 2000 magazine and is the author of Cyberpunk Handbook: The Real Cyberpunk Fake Book, New York: Random House, 1995.
Judaism's reception in contemporary China will be pursued on four different levels: popular literature, fake books, articles in the Christian Chinese media and academic productions.
Also consider wallpaper on a feature wall to add extra personality to the room, from fake books to give the mood of a traditional study to limewashed coastal boarding to promote clear and fresh thinking.