fait accompli

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an irreversible accomplishment

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Selon Hagit Ofran, membre dirigeante a l'ONG, [beaucoup moins que] tous ces chiffres prouvent que Netanyahu, en campagne pour sa reelection, fait tout pour multiplier les faits accomplis sur le terrain en vue de rendre impossible une solution a deux Etats israelien et palestinien [beaucoup plus grand que].
000 Greek Cypriots, in an attempt to change the demographic character of the island and create faits accomplis," a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release says.
WASHINGTON -- Usually the congressional pork-barrel process is something of a mystery, with boondoggles only brought to light when they are faits accomplis.
The reading promises to be engaging, as are her faits accomplis.
The expansionist and irredentist policies of Israel and the illegal faits accomplis violating international law regarding Jerusalem have impeded the progress of Turkish-Israeli relations even in times when they were on a progressive course, while moving relations closer between Turkey and Palestinian Arabs.
Turkey regards this Greek policy as an attempt to establish faits accomplis with a view to dominating the Aegean Sea as a Greek lake.
Ainsi l'on semble vouloir oublier aussi bien les mefaits que les hauts faits accomplis.
The course this country takes, it must be remembered, should not be determined by the accumulation of faits accomplis, while putting reasoning on the back burner.
The French edition of the finals will lose its sense of drama, with numerous faits accomplis in the latter part of the group stages and the accompanying stentch of collusion, justified or otherwise, in the air.
La poursuite d'une politique de faits accomplis sur le terrain est contraire aux intE[umlaut]rE[logical not]ts d'IsraE1/2l Ea long terme e, a-t-il dit.