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an irreversible accomplishment

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From scanning the range of cases and definitions of gray zones that the practitioners and scholars mentioned above have advanced, three interrelated ideal-type tactics emerge: revisionism that avoids defender commitments; employment of intermediary actors; and faits accomplis.
With the president's unilateral strategy of forcing faits accomplis onto the caretaker government, he risks a stronger public backlash that could damage the AKP's prospects in future elections by chipping away more support.
265) were discussed as faits accomplis and debated as either "it's about time" standards or a combined one-two punch that would be the death knell of innovation in the online video technology space.
The French edition of the finals will lose its sense of drama, with numerous faits accomplis in the latter part of the group stages and the accompanying stentch of collusion, justified or otherwise, in the air.
The Bush administration has turned Kosovo independence and ABM defense in Poland into faits accomplis, making them unusable as bargaining chips.
La poursuite d'une politique de faits accomplis sur le terrain est contraire aux intE[umlaut]rE[logical not]ts d'IsraE1/2l Ea long terme e, a-t-il dit.
Proposed initiatives have been presented to the committees as faits accomplis, making medical members feel that a contribution from them is unwanted.
Ainsi l'on semble vouloir oublier aussi bien les mefaits que les hauts faits accomplis.
The course this country takes, it must be remembered, should not be determined by the accumulation of faits accomplis, while putting reasoning on the back burner.
Despite the rhetoric, globalization and regionalism must be understood as social constructs and "imagined communities" that are everything but faits accomplis.
The reading promises to be engaging, as are her faits accomplis.
The expansionist and irredentist policies of Israel and the illegal faits accomplis violating international law regarding Jerusalem have impeded the progress of Turkish-Israeli relations even in times when they were on a progressive course, while moving relations closer between Turkey and Palestinian Arabs.
Right now, the president's handling carries risks for new faits accomplis and certainly make it much more difficult to work for a solution of the Cyprus problem based on principles and the agreed framework," it added.