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Synonyms for faithlessly

in a disloyal and faithless manner

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Giselle is a beautiful and precious peasant girl in a Rhineland village who would be faithful to the man she has fallen in love with, but he is a count in disguise as a villager, faithlessly playing with emotions while awaiting his marriage to a woman of nobility.
Texas cannot deliver us possession, but only the war upon the event of which that possession depends; so that the misnamed treaty of annexation or incorporation is not such, but war under another name, faithlessly and unconstitutionally made.
But in the long discussion of the skill with which Tertullian organizes Apology 21 (on how Christians have replaced the Jews who had been God's people but faithlessly "blew it," 19-26); in much of the material Against Marcion ("God was not at fault; the Jews were," 118-36 and elsewhere); and in A.
One loved as a virgin, helplessly, if faithlessly - Until the life that was once long ago imagined
211, 228 (1990) (asserting that "decisive factor" in case where no corporate liability was found was that "the employees intended no benefit, and were faithlessly violating their fiduciary duty").