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care provided through prayer and faith in God

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Legally, adverts cannot claim that a faith healer can take away curses or bad luck, or can cure or physically heal a person.
The purpose of the study was to assess in detail, the concepts and treatment modalities for hypertension among traditional and faith healers in the Northern Province in South Africa.
I really can't understand how faith healers claim to cure people who have been paralysed for years.
If you have been disturbed by images of such charlatans and con artists, you have an ally in Tom Harpur, who claims that most TV faith healers are "Biblethumping, money-grubbing hucksters.
In his latest book, The Faith Healers, he has compiled a strong indictment of charlatans who prey upon the gullible.
A warning has gone out for members of the public to beware of tricksters purporting to be faith healers and clairvoyants.
The so-called faith healers are ruining the life of common people and there is no check on them.
Sach Dev Virdee, the society's general secretary, said: "There are dozens more faith healers working in the area.
Wellington, April 5 (ANI): People have started to show more faith in soothsayers and faith healers than God, say researchers at New Zealand-based Massey University.
Part of the final chapter is even devoted to debunking fortune tellers and faith healers.
Curanderos, unlicensed faith healers who dispense a wide range of treatments and are believed by patients to possess unique curative powers, are the backbone of the system.
The objectives are: (1) to identify the demographic and practice characteristics of traditional and faith healers in an urban setting, (2) identify the conditions and problems commonly treated by traditional and faith healers, and (3) assess the referral details and willingness to work within the biomedical sector, the costs involved as well as the training needs.
Hoddle then defended his use of faith healers, saying: "Bobby Robson used a healer in 1990 for the World Cup, and I think Kevin Keegan's been to a healer when he was at Southampton.
When he landed the England manager's job in February he insisted: "I won't be having any faith healers.
He believed he had permission to use faith healers as an integral part of his backroom staff from the then Football Association chief executive Graham Kelly.