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care provided through prayer and faith in God

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3) The excellent recent work done on the reception of Friel's plays in America by Harrington, Grene, Patrick Lonergan, Christina Hunt Mahony, and Szasz understandably limits itself largely to the New York theatre world and does not address productions beyond 1999 in any depth, but Broadway has seen a series of fantastic Friel revivals in recent years, including the 2006 Faith Healer production, and several acclaimed productions of his plays at the Irish Repertory Theatre.
But why would a miracle worker, a saved-by-the-blood television preacher and faith healer be told by God to start a regular hospital and medical school?
There, the faith healer, whose only certitude about his gift lies in knowing "when nothing [is] going to happen" (334), meets his death at the hands of drunken, vengeful countrymen.
In what is by far the best chapter of the book, the fourth, Corbett argues, convincingly, a kind of epistemological continuity from Faith Healer to Molly Sweeney and "back to" Dancing at Lughnasa (1990) in terms of the plays' competing depictions of reality, and the complexifications thereof: In Faith Healer, we saw how Frank and Grace objectified Lacan's mirror stage, each attempting to identify the self in terms of the other, while at the same time attempting to possess the other.
The faith healer met Chris in Birmingham at one of his healing clinics and recorded their interview.
The contents included (1) local terminology for hypertension, (2) symptoms and signs, (3) causes, (4) curability, (5) treatment, (6) help-seeking behaviour prior to consulting the traditional or faith healer, and (7) sources of information about hypertension.
The reader senses that Harlan's spiritual transformation into a faith healer is as much the result of her own needs as it is a "gift of the spirit.
The novel's main character is Harlan Jane Eagleton, an African American woman from New Orleans, an autodidact, and a faith healer.
I heard the faith healer complain about his arthritis to his wife, a dwarf, stone deaf.
Like the evangelist or faith healer, he delivers the good news in a language empty of existential context or historical reference.
Should the condition remain the same, the faith healer will exclaim that the miraculous treatment was applied just in time but will require continued application because he has stabilized the condition.
Earlier, he starred as a faith healer in Paul Schrader's drama "Touch"; appeared in Kevin Spacey's directorial debut, "Albino Alligator"; and starred in Wes Craven's smash-hit thriller "Scream.
Taking on the role of the Fantastic Frank Hardy in Brian Friel's Faith Healer is not to be taken lightly.
And officers believe there could be many more victims after residents recently complained of a leaflet drop in the Holyhead Road area promoting faith healer services.
YOU might jump at the opportunity to solve all of your problems by paying for consultations with a faith healer.
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