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care provided through prayer and faith in God

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On that day, the faith healer, Ramesh Suthar, had asked Khan to sing a particular "raaga" to induce a temple deity's spirit to enter the former's body.
The suspect searched for the boy along with the concerned relatives of the deceased until police interrogated the fake faith healer and obtained the confession from him that he had committed the murder.
Ka Precy" was followed by a young faith healer known only as "Jon-Jon" who was dragged and whipped while carrying a wooden cross towards the man-made Golgotha where thousands of spectators witnessed the nails being hammered on his palms and feet.
Three months ago, Naushaba was taken to a renowned faith healer in the area, Zareena added.
The leader of the band, The Stain (Orlando Bloom), sees fame and fortune for his band by using Dean as a faith healer during their shows--eventually called "Heal-a-palooza".
He also sees a faith healer and a haptonomy specialist.
The Irish playwright, who turned 80 earlier this year, has been feted throughout the world for his work, and taking on the title character in Faith Healer is Dowling's way of paying respect.
As the titular faith healer "fantastic" Francis Hardy, Connor Byrne doesn't, as is traditional, begin as the wreck of a man he eventually becomes.
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple is a gripping, and at times devastating recounting of the story of hundreds of Black idealists who inexplicably followed the order of a white charismatic faith healer to kill themselves and murder their children in 1978.
ONE CAN PROBABLY LEARN more from a faith healer than one would expect.
The star blew his top when just one mobile sprang to life during the same play - Irish playwright Brian Friel's Faith Healer - at Dublin's Gate Theatre in March.
I take it his faith healer Eileen Drewery's back on board, then.
The theatre's troubles began in May 2003, when a show about a faith healer, Almost There, did not catch on with the public, he said.
For Waits, it seems to be more just a matter of feeling the spirit, like a faith healer handling rattlesnakes.
Democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards got into the act a few weeks ago when, sounding like a TV faith healer, he vowed that ``if we can do the work that we can do in this country - the work we will do when John Kerry is president - people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk.
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