fait accompli

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an irreversible accomplishment

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Rejecting of the so-called "constitutional declaration" by the Houthi militias and its attempts to impose a fait accompli by force.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai warned Tuesday that a fait accompli government would plunge Lebanon into further turmoil, as the Future Movement said the formation of a national unity Cabinet hinged on MP Michel Aoun's agreement to the rotation of ministerial portfolios.
He continued to add that, "Israel's justifications for the ban on many goods and raw materials are completely untenable and unrealistic as it's just trying hard to impose a fait accompli (irreversible accomplished fact).
However, US PGA chief executive Pete Bevacqua said that the exercise is only an analysis currently, adding that it would become a fait accompli only if they had the cooperation of a number of other groups.
He also condemned continuous occupation of Palestinian territories as a hurdle to international efforts to adopt dialogue and negotiations as a civilised way to resolve conflicts, and not by violence and imposing the fait accompli policy.
DESPITE what some people think that we are heading towards a secular society, I would as an agnostic like to state the opposite is the fait accompli.
Many passengers feel the surgery was nothing more than a token PR stunt to soften the blow of changes which were presented as a fait accompli.
Un fait accompli [beaucoup moins que]Detourner le cours du Nil Bleu etait prevu en septembre.
Ihsanoglu stated that the Israeli settlement policy aims at consolidating occupation and imposing a fait accompli.
We are frustrated by this unjust decision that invokes the need for security of Israel but also the difficulty of changing the route of the already built portion of the wall, which makes us a fait accompli," said the statement.
It looked like a complete fait accompli for me and for him.
Hezbollah described a fait accompli government as an "irresponsible adventure" that would obstruct the election of a new president to succeed Sleiman, whose six-year-term in office expires on May 25.
In the case of seriously injured, comatose patients where objection is not immediately forthcoming, hospital staff may be inclined to declare the patient not to be resuscitated earlier than might normally be the case, thus freeing up the organs for instant removal and presenting the relatives with a fait accompli.
The GMB felt that the announcement that the factory was closing was given as a fait accompli.
As reported, Jordan's ouster was a fait accompli as soon as she was ``marked for banishment,'' so BB clearly realized that it was now or never in terms of eking out one last little humiliation from America's favorite exotic dancer.