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Synonyms for fairytale

a story about fairies

an interesting but highly implausible story

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uk Cinderella Playhouse Whitley Bay X Factor finalist and West End performer Ray Quinn teams up with local favourite Steve Walls star in this year's traditional rags-to-riches fairytale favourite.
Modern youth know the fairytale more under the name of Beauty and the Beast.
In the series of photographs shared with the ECHo, one bride has been transformed into a fairytale princess, complete with rabbits and giant ladybirds and in another appears to be floating.
Obsession and paranoia begin to eat at Violet after she discovers an unusually bound book of fairytales in her husband's safe that is dated to his late wife after his new marriage.
The therapeutic fairytale is a precious instrument that unveils emotions and feelings such as anxiety, fear, obsessions, guilt, envy, or questions that have never had/ received an answer and that tend to remain covert.
Drive happily slows down for extended sequences that exude a distilled fairytale quality.
Their topics include Snow White and the Huntsman: the fairytale of gender and the female warrior, the second loss of androgyny: the fairytale of dualism, finding the golden egg: illusions of happiness in an age of consumer capitalism, the shadow of redemption: the Grail and the self-knowledge industry, and a difficult task: Sarah Lund and the crime of individuated happiness.
Their unemployment figures for June make the fairytale scenario of kissing a frog to marry a prince appear a realistic proposition.
Snow White and the White and the W Seven Dwarfs has been named the West W Midlands favourite fairytale according to new research.
LEO Cullen hope Brian O'Driscoll's fairytale farewell continues today - so he can also go out on a high.
The story presents the main protagonist with a complication in becoming a princess and obtaining her prince, like the fairytale genre.
Property Manager Alison Burke said:"What better way to celebrate our fairytale castle's golden anniversary as a Trust property than packing it with fictional folk from our favourite story books?
THE tokens have all been counted and the Telegraph can today reveal the winners of our PS15,000 Fairytale Wedding competition are Catherine Hasnip and Luke Foulstone.