fairy tale

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Synonyms for fairy tale

Synonyms for fairy tale

a story about fairies

an interesting but highly implausible story

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World Building: Create their own world for an existing fairy tale
For the Ancient Egyptian Tale of Two Brothers, I first lectured on Ancient Egyptian history and culture to provide background and context that helped students situate the fairy tale into the context in which it was recorded.
The representative fairy tale in this chapter involves a young maiden who encounters three heads floating in a well.
Solution: Elena says your best chance of success with this fairy tale is by dating a man in his late 40s with a career already established.
Live actors and actresses - who have landed permanent jobs out of the creation of the attraction - will play fairy tale characters and be on hand to guide visitors.
The route offers a variety of events that are staged every year, like the weeks of fairy tales in Bad Oeynhausen, Steinau and Bad Sooden-Allendorf and the Fairy Tale Festival in Hanau as well as different open-air performances.
The Irish Fairy Tale consists of a lengthy introduction, ten chapters, an extensive bibliography, and an index.
Tommy decided he wanted to create a fairy tale storybook with Vera as the main character to give her a pictorial fairy tale to match her real life fairy tale recovery.
In Bottigheimer's scheme, the emergence of an optimistic fairy tale tradition corresponds to a turning point in the cultural history of modern Europe.
Refusing to take Romanticism on its own terms, in its privileging of orality over print, Sumpter shows how the periodical press disseminated the philologists' originary thesis about the common roots of fairy tales in an Indo-European tradition and their connection of the fairy tale to a racial and cultural infancy.
Another Czech woman fairy tale writer was Eliska Pechova Krasnohorska who published Pohadka o vetru (1877) (A Tale about the Wind), Tri pohadky (1885) (Three Fairy Tales), Z pohadky do pohadky (1892) (Children's Fairy Tales), Pohadky zimniho vecera (1892) (Fairy Tales for a Good Night), Kraljevic Castiboj (1895) (Prince Castiboj).
She also stresses that we should "reexamine the relationship of the fairy tale with other genres, including the folktale, as constitutive of its hybridity, in order to become better attuned to competing uses of magic, enchantment, and wonder across cultures and media platforms" (ix).
Today, Google helps us walk down memory lanes and recollect our favourite fairy tale characters through its unique Google Doodle on the home page that celebrates the 200th anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales.
The books I agreed to review for Jeunesse engage fairy tales, revise them, and in the case of Pauline Greenhill's and Sidney Eve Matrix's Fairy Tale Films: Visions of Ambiguity, evaluate film adaptations of fairy-tale texts critically.
Nsiri explained that the concept of an Arabic fairy tale "is not necessarily the same as a fairy tale in EnglishEoACA* with a happy world where everything is mostly positive.