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a story about fairies

an interesting but highly implausible story

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The line runs from ancient beliefs and legends to fairy stories, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
The poll of 1,001 parents found that seven in 10 parents said that they tell fairy stories to their kids, believing that they develop reading skills as well as being fun, the Daily Express reported.
You can't read them fairy stories when all they want to do is ogle Justin Bieber in his underpants (when he eventually turns up).
In 1956, when the complete Narnia series had appeared, Lewis reflected for the "Children's Book Section" of the New York Times Book Review on how "Sometimes Fairy Stories May Say Best What's To Be Said.
But then again, are these not the same delusional brain washed activists who have tried for years to cloud everyone's judgment with their fairy stories and constant attacks on other political parties in an attempt to cover up Labour's failings?
They're both daft fairy stories but the spies have it every time over the snobs.
Tolkien takes the climactic "joyous turn;' or "eucatastrophe," as he famously termed it, of the fairy story to a theological climax by claiming that it gains its strength through echoing, however faintly, the Gospel story, while the Gospel story in turn absorbs fairy stories by fulfilling the desires embodied in them in the real world.
class structure hierarchies and the unwritten, but nevertheless clearly understood, rules by which these operate; racism, discrimination and bullying and, not least, the importance of fairy stories in the human psyche.
A festival of sand sculptures began Saturday in Tottori Sand Dune in Tottori Prefecture, featuring works by artists from more than 10 countries based on the theme of fairy stories of the world.
The 13 Treasures was also illustrated by Harrison and is published by Simon and Schuster; it has been described as a dark and gothic fairy tale and been compared with The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Brothers Grimm classic fairy stories.
The Enchanted Lake: Classic Irish Fairy Stories by Sinead de Valera is a fun and engaging anthology of age-old Irish folktales and fairy legends.
Most students respond with amazement at what they discover when they unpack the fairy stories.
Lewis is treated next since he is influenced in large part by the work of Tolkien, who is the most explicit and developed in his theology of fantasy and serves well as the pinnacle theologian of fairy stories.
And anyone who believes that load of old twaddle ought to be writing fairy stories for a living.
One only has to look at the fairy stories authored by Tony Blair concerning the Iraq invasion to realise that a large proportion of the electorate would fall for the three-card trick, not to mention the Euro illusion and the mirage of weapons of mass destruction.