fairy shrimp

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small freshwater branchiopod having a transparent body with many appendages

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Summarizing these results, there appear to be three general patterns of fairy shrimp variation: (1) low to moderate divergence (with some exceptions) among populations on a scale of a few kilometers or less; (2) much greater divergence among more distantly separated populations, but no strong relationship between geographic distance and genetic divergence; (3) evidence of rare long-distance dispersal and gene flow.
Geological Survey in Canyonlands National Park, has been studying the park's fairy shrimp, tadpole shrimp, and clam shrimp since the late 1980s.
14 [micro]g/L whereas the formulation found in Methyl Parathion 4E had a 48 hour toxicity value of 31 [micro]g/L in fairy shrimp.
The Riverside fairy shrimp is a "noncharismatic species" not well known by the general public, yet it has a level I priority for recovery needs and serves an important role in the food chain of migrating birds.
While the fairy shrimp are around, they serve as an important food source for hungry waterfowl and other birds migrating north during the spring.
Once upon a time, in a great many mud holes and ditches in Northern California, lived the fairy shrimp.
At the April 29 hearing in Stockton, California, for example, Pombo stood by while grade-school kids working to protect the endangered fairy shrimp were booed and heckled by a hostile crowd of Central Valley farmers.
Crayfish as possible agents of dissemination of fairy shrimp into temporary ponds.
Among these inhabitants, Laguna Terrace East Conservation Bank hosts the vernal pool fairy shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi), which is listed as Threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act.
They look barren during the summer and fall, but after winter rain they are home to endangered tadpole and fairy shrimp that are critical food sources for native and migratory birds.
They serve as critical breeding grounds for frogs, salamanders, insects, and fairy shrimp.
Meeting our shared missions has produced research that spans the Nation, and includes efforts to understand issues as diverse as the distribution of grizzly bears across the Yellowstone ecosystem to the genetics of fairy shrimp confined to a few vernal pools in California.
Hidden in the soil and pools of water at the southwestern end of the runways, these federally listed endangered Riverside fairy shrimp, also known as Streptocephalus woottoni, have quietly become a force to be reckoned with.