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a ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium

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Tolkien's earliest such safe haven appeared in a 1915 poem "You & Me and the Cottage of Lost Play" where "down a warm and winding lane" dreaming children could be found tumbling, gardening, "dancing fairy rings / And weaving pearly daisy-strings, / Or chasing golden bees" (The Book of Lost Tales, Part One [BLTI] 28, 29).
Hoops and crinoline World-surrounding hoop Fairy rings The jolly cooper (makes hoops) The furthest isles (at the perimeter of the flat, circular world) A girdle round the world Saturn (the ringed planet) Barrels worn by schoolgirls.
These rings are caused by a number of different fungi, collectively known as fairy rings.
Unless the toadstools are coming up in a distinct ring on the lawn, in which case it is the fairy ring fungus, they are usually beneficial and will be breaking down old plant material, dead tree roots or similar, releasing goodness back into the soil.
Q WHAT can I do about a fairy ring of toadstools that appeared in my lawn last year and is now back again?
Alternatively, use a professional fungicide called triforine, marketed as Fairy Ring Destroyer.
Tina Jane Clark, who lived in Sir Thomas Whites Road, Coundon and worked as a civil servant in the city, has written the children's book called The Fairy Ring.
PIPPA SAYS: THIS sounds like a fairy ring, where the grass dies because it can't get enough moisture due to the waterrepellent nature of the toadstools' roots.
SUSAN HEWITT The Fairy Ring (An international association for friends who love fairies and angels) email sue@fairyring.
SUSAN HEWITT, The Fairy Ring, Harmony Country Lodge, Limestone Road, Burniston Scarborough, YO13 0DG.
If you saw a fairy ring of mushrooms you were awe-inspired.
Susan Hewitt, The Fairy Ring, Harmony Cottage Lodge, Limestone Road, Burniston, Scarborough YO13 ODG.
The worst problems arise with the fairy ring mushroom Marasmius oreades which creates an outer ring of bright green, lush grass and an inner ring of brown lawn.
ADRIENNE SAYS: This problem is called a fairy ring, and the toadstools are probably being fed by the rotting tree roots.