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a small colored light used for decoration (especially at Christmas)

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1 Wrap your gifts in brown paper, then draw a twirly line with black pen across the paper - this will be the string for the pompom fairy light.
Punch holes in a sheet of canvas which has been mounted on a wooden frame, then push fairy light bulbs through.
The German market surrounded by fairy lights, Christmas trees and a happy atmosphere.
FESTIVE: An old gnarled branch, above, makes a rustic alternative to a traditional tree while right, glass beads on wire, silver platters and a glittery pillar candle set in a star-shaped dish give instant seasonal decor SPARKLE: Fill a glass fishbowl or vase with fairy lights
Move your router away from electrical devices: Halogen lamps, electrical dimmer switches, stereo or computer speakers, fairy lights, TVs and monitors and AC power cords have all been known to cause interference to broadband routers.
In our hotel we have used fairy lights over the front door and around the porch for an instant welcoming feeling.
All these plants add to your winter scene and contribute to the summer borders as backdrop planting, but for a showier and more temporary glow in the winter garden, there is no better effect than fairy lights draped through planting or on the house as they really do Viburnum great at create a sense of the holidays, says Gould.
Each year, Elizabeth Frost raised money for charity through her display of fairy lights and decorations at her home in Egton Avenue, Nunthorpe.
Organisers have attempted to up the festive ante this year with more fairy lights and Santas.
Luckily, ckily, ckily B&Q is with you all the way - supplying every kind of illumination you'll ever need, from freestanding reindeer rope lights to twinkling fairy lights.
Forget untangling the Christmas lights and adorn your home or tree with some of the more interesting fairy lights around | These cute and colourful green Christmas tree lights are ideal for anywhere that needs brightening up.
BOSSES of a Birmingham imports firm were fined PS10,000 after goods like chargers and fairy lights failed safety tests.
Houses we deck with fairy lights and holly, Place a Christmas tree in the corner, on top a fairy dolly, For family and friends we choose gifts with care, But of Christmas's true meaning we're seldom aware.
It saddens me that Christmas has become so commercialised and over-hyped that its true meaning has become lost beneath the welter of fairy lights, tinsel and extravagant presents" - David Blunkett (pictured), Labour's former home secretary.