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a small colored light used for decoration (especially at Christmas)

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Punch holes in a sheet of canvas which has been mounted on a wooden frame, then push fairy light bulbs through.
1 Wrap your gifts in brown paper, then draw a twirly line with black pen across the paper - this will be the string for the pompom fairy light.
The German market surrounded by fairy lights, Christmas trees and a happy atmosphere.
FESTIVE: An old gnarled branch, above, makes a rustic alternative to a traditional tree while right, glass beads on wire, silver platters and a glittery pillar candle set in a star-shaped dish give instant seasonal decor SPARKLE: Fill a glass fishbowl or vase with fairy lights
Commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, churches in the port city were illuminated by strings of fairy lights.
Your events team should be ashamed of themselves charging people to walk aimlessly through a string of fairy lights, which looked like it must have taken them all of 20 minutes to put up.
Emma May said: "What a total disappointment, a few coloured fairy lights doesn't really make an Enchanted Castle as promised.
IF you've ever found yourself cursing as a broken bulb meant the Christmas tree fairy lights failed, you no doubt wondered who the bright spark was that invented them.
AS countless fairy lights are switched on across the country, the nation has the North East to thank for what is now a key part of Christmas.
A FAMILY has used a set of Christmas fairy lights for 48 years without having to replace a single bulb.
It may be faulty fairy lights or overloaded plug sockets.
Boost the snow sparkle effect with white fairy lights, rather than warm gold or multicoloured.
Boost the snow-sparkle effect with white fairy lights, rather than warm gold or multicoloured.
Colin says: "The Black Pearl looks as though it belongs in a fairy tale in this twilight image lit up with fairy lights.
AN ISLAMIC State fan who tried to make a bomb from fairy lights after becoming "bedroom radicalised" has been jailed for life.