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the area between the tee and putting green where the grass is cut short

the usual course taken by vessels through a harbor or coastal waters

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a tract of ground free of obstacles to movement

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Jeannie's talents and experience are a welcome addition," said Jon Tobias, Fairway VP and Branch Manager of the Biltmore location.
Overall, Fairway has expansion rights up to a total of approximately 20 million barrels at Pierce Junction.
The line debuted in late May under the Fairway by High Road label with four initial SKUs: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Craft Gelato, Fairway to Heaven Coffee Ice Cream, Fruitti di Bosco Ice Cream and Fig & Saba Ice Cream.
Fairway will offer the entire Hudson Yards neighborhood a first-class grocery shopping experience that epitomizes Fairway's" Like No Other Market" [R] slogan.
His hole: Hori hit his hybrid in the middle of the fairway about 216 yards.
To get up to the green via the fairway, you have to climb a hill, and clear what can only be described as a chasm at the same time.
your ball ricochets off a boat that juts into the middle of the fairway.
How to play it: Mallard Creek general manager Mark Tunstill says low-handicap golfers who can hit a slight draw over the fairway bunker off the tee will be left with a "true risk/reward shot" - a long iron across the wetlands to reach the green in two.
fairway bunker on the right guard the fairway and green from 175 yards out.
Specialist pizza and pasta wholesaler, GJ Foodservice, has joined Fairway Foodservice, the nationwide network of locally owned food wholesalers.
The seventh at Preston Trail is a dogleg right, with trees running down both sides of the fairway and the White Rock Creek on the right.
My experience is that you can control the ball out of the fairway better than you can control it out of the rough.
NEW YORK -- Sterling Investment Partners ("Sterling") is pleased to announce that its portfolio company Fairway Market ("Fairway") has completed a $114 million debt financing.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Freeman and team have joined Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, one of the nation's largest mortgage companies, as a Sr.
He teed off with his 2-iron and kept the ball in the fairway at Royal Liverpool Golf Club.