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Synonyms for fairness

Synonyms for fairness

Synonyms for fairness

conformity with rules or standards

ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty

the property of having a naturally light complexion

the quality of being good looking and attractive

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These latter considerations are introduced partly to bolster the evolutionary argument and partly as an independent argument against fairness.
Supreme Court in 1969 unanimously upheld the constitutionality of the Fairness Doctrine, expressing the view that the airwaves were a "public trust" and that "fairness" required that the public trust accurately reflect opposing views.
Already there are fairness soaps (Lux Sunscreen and Fairglow are two examples), and soon consumers will be able to buy fairness talc.
Berliant, Thomson, and Dunz say I raise four criticisms of the fairness literature, but in fact I make only one, and I prefer to consider it an observation, not a criticism.
The fairness opinion has become the universally accepted instrument used to effectively prove such compliance.
John Hancock's policyholder share-value protection plan is the first real attempt to contribute a greater element of fairness to the pricing of demutualized companies' IPOs.
The author notes that, traditionally, investment bankers have written most fairness opinions, but "high fees and low risks" have attracted new competition-consultants and some CPA firms--giving the impression that these opinions have little risk.
While they make some reference to protecting fairness and neutrality, they do not seriously address the problem of adequate safeguards against indoctrination.
However, the statute, as presently drafted, may create a false sense of predictability and finality for interested director transactions insofar as technical compliance with the procedural provisions for disinterested director approval may not foreclose judicial inquiry into the substantive fairness of the transaction.
He said there would be fairness in education, fairness in health care, fairness for the jobless - "and fairness that will let our old folk turn up their fires in winter" without worries over bills.
Yet if the fight for equality is not grounded in a principle beyond fairness, then it hardly seems worth the effort.
Indeed, we submit that contingency fee audits are more inimical to the tax system's fairness than the use of quotas, which have been roundly and rightly condemned (and uniformly disavowed by Virginia and other States).
Somehow it would seem wrong to me to bring these reflections on Failing at Fairness to a close without mentioning a couple of recent events in the church.
A good automated system will have the advantages of fairness, time savings, and control of the budget.
For example, even when Jim Hunt began losing his wide lead in the 1984 Senate race, he refused to talk about the populist economic issues that could have won him the election - issues such as tax fairness, health insurance, and low manufacturing wages.
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