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Synonyms for fairly

Synonyms for fairly

in a fair, sporting manner

to some extent


Synonyms for fairly

to a moderately sufficient extent or degree

without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner

in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating

References in classic literature ?
As quickly as she could she raised the great bar and fairly dragged Clayton within.
responded the Educated Insect, fairly hugging the stiff head of the Gump in his joy.
The bronze faces of the Mezops were broad with smiles, and Perry was fairly beside himself with joy.
Now "God" was no word in Jerry's vocabulary, despite the fact that he already possessed a definite and fairly large vocabulary.
For more than a year I managed, unsuspected, to keep the Privy Purse fairly supplied by the exercise of my caricaturing abilities.
In the preface to "Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz" I said I would like to write some stories that were not "Oz" stories, because I thought I had written about Oz long enough; but since that volume was published I have been fairly deluged with letters from children imploring me to "write more about Dorothy," and "more about Oz," and since I write only to please the children I shall try to respect their wishes.
Two Thieves having stolen a Piano and being unable to divide it fairly without a remainder went to law about it and continued the contest as long as either one could steal a dollar to bribe the judge.
You wallow fairly well," said the Pig, "but, my fine fellow, you have much to learn about rooting.
My hands grew cold then and my head fairly whirled around as I picked it up.
Captain Jim told me he had fairly to put her cap and coat on and push her out of the door.
Had hybrids, when fairly treated, gone on decreasing in fertility in each successive generation, as Gartner believes to be the case, the fact would have been notorious to nurserymen.
Then we may fairly assume that they are two, and that they differ from one another; the one with which man reasons, we may call the rational principle of the soul, the other, with which he loves and hungers and thirsts and feels the flutterings of any other desire, may be termed the irrational or appetitive, the ally of sundry pleasures and satisfactions?
I've given him up for my part - fairly disowned him - cast him off, root and branch.
She then cross-examined all the articles which had raised her fears on the other side, and found, on fairly sifting the matter, that there was very little in them.
Soon they reached a side path, and down this the little dog fairly flew, only to come back at once, whining and barking.