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Synonyms for fairish

Synonyms for fairish

not excessive or extreme

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(used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored


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Of the five novels to be discussed in this section, four of them, Esti Kinasih's (2002) Fairish, Maria Ardelia's (2004) Me Versus High Heels
20) Horace's house, described when he retreats to Kinston, "was new, on a fairish piece of lawn, the trees, the poplars and maples which he had set out, still new.
George Fairish of Greenwood The groom is the grandson of Mrs.
Overall, I'm delighted with the way things are going," said manager Neil Hixon, who misses James Oates, John Butler, Scott Richards and Joe Fairish.
Joe Fairish had fired the visitors ahead but, after Johnson had levelled four minutes later, Mattie Moffat scored from close range to put the Steelmen in front.
He has a fairish handicap mark and I'm expecting a decent run.
You're a fine one to talk, someone grumbles; you've just given Skeleton Bob a fairish plug.
Joe Fairish fired the Wearsiders in front with a superb 25-yard effort but within five minutes Carl Piecha levelled.
DURHAM SQUAD: Harry Drummond (Brandon United), Mark Anderson, Kieran Megran, Shaun Sagar (Chester-le-Street Town), Jack Burns, Jamie Huggan, Kane Hutchinson, Sam McIntosh, Hugh Stephenson, Scott Swanson (Gateshead Redheugh), Allen Marchant (Seaham Red Star), Lloyd Conlin, Leon Symonds, Rob Thompson (Sunderland RCA), Craig Alston, Joe Fairish (Willington).
He's unbeaten and that was a fairish race he won at Aintree.
These Australian sensibilities - I understand they resemble tiny furry creatures who make koalas look like Kodiak bears - have hitherto been kept a closely-guarded secret, even from the Australians themselves, which must be why a fairish sprinkling of unwitting Ockers have earned undeserved reputations as loud-mouthed oiks.
Who knows, Sky would probably pay a fairish sum for the live and exclusive television rights.
Newcomers are Steven Baynes, who was on loan from York City last season, Jonathan Collinson (Spennymoor Town), Richard Ward from Billingham Town and local lad Joe Fairish.
Grievances were sorted out in the dressing-room with others to witness fairish play.