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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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The term fair-trade broadly refers to the idea of paying wages and prices above the prevailing market rates to farmers in developing countries.
3% of respondents have heard of the fair-trade movement and that 26.
Fair-trade products including food and cotton are made available for sale in all campus shops.
He was speaking to farmers at a training-workshop for the sustainability of fair-trade certification.
As long as consumers see some value in voluntarily exchanging a portion of their income for a fair-trade product or for a product with one of the other certifications, no one is worse off, the market has once again provided.
Separately, NAD recommended that Avon modify advertising to assure that images used in connection with a fair-trade seal do not overstate the benefits associated with purchasing Avon Mark personal care products that contain certified fair-trade ingredients.
Fair trade products can be certified with a Fair-Trade Mark (Humphrey, 2000) but FTOs Web sites' challenge is in differentiating their offering from other e-tailers.
And if you look deep into Conscious Coffees' accounting books, you can see that it pays about 40 cents per pound over the fair-trade floor price for coffee in an effort to guarantee that farmers get fair and reasonable wages for their work.
Two of the large Guatemalan coffee-grower groups that work with fair-trade giant Equal Exchange, the 18-year-old Massachusetts-based worker-owned cooperative, were initially organized by the Catholic dioceses of San Marcos and Quetzaltenango.
When a consumer in any of 17 countries--in Europe, North America, and Japan--buys a product with the fair-trade label, it means that the item was purchased from farmers in the developing world at an above-average price and in accordance with specific criteria set forth by Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO), a nongovernmental organization in Bonn, Germany.
A SUPERMARKET chain has decided to use only fair-trade coffee in its own-label products, it announced yesterday.
However, in preparing the Communication it was apparent that there were many Commission activities linked to fair trade and that fair-trade bananas could not be threatened in isolation.
Since it began certifying coffee in 1998, TransFair estimates farmers have received close to S200 million more in revenue than they would have without fair-trade status.
AS consumers get used to the concept of fair trade, charity workers are suggesting Wales could become the world's first fair-trade coun t ry.
The Fair Trade Federation can answer general questions about the fair-trade movement, and their Web site--www.