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Synonyms for fair-haired

having light hair

given special, usually doting treatment

Synonyms for fair-haired


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When it was getting near nine o'clock he went out to the garden to wait till she came, and the fair-haired lad along with him; but as soon as the lad got the chance he stuck the pin into his master's coat again and he fell asleep as before.
The Irishman was ready to kill the lad out of sheer vexation, but when he gave a glance over his shoulder not a trace of the fair-haired lad was left.
At last he fell into so great despair that he thought he would put an end to his own life, and for this purpose laid hold of the sword that she had given him by the hands of the fair-haired lad; but on drawing it from its sheath he noticed that there was some writing on one side of the blade.
Oh, you are right again," said the fair-haired traveller, "for I really am ALMOST wrong when I say she and I are related.
Now she might return to the terrible Nome King in safety, carrying with her the prize she had won in the person of the fair-haired boy.
he said, glancing towards a handsome, fair-haired young man, standing at the table.
One fair-haired invader lay across the gunwale of a boat, the manner of his death told by the arrow that transfixed his breast.
A fair-haired fellow," the last observed in a placid tone, and paused.
Here his daughter Josephine - a pretty fair-haired girl of eighteen, who had been tied on a horse at two years old, and had made a will at twelve, which she always carried about with her, expressive of her dying desire to be drawn to the grave by the two piebald ponies - cried, 'Father, hush
There was a violent peal at the bell, and in a few seconds the fair-haired detective came up the stairs, three steps at a time, and burst into our sitting-room.
She was of the German type, blonde and fair-haired, with the piquant contrast of a pair of beautiful dark eyes with which she surveyed the stranger with surprise and a pleasing embarrassment which brought a wave of colour over her pale face.
He saw before him the face of a quite young, fair-haired girl--sixteen, perhaps not more than fifteen, years old, pretty little face, but flushed and heavy looking and, as it were, swollen.
The fair-haired, green-eyed English beauty must really have enchanted the Sheikh to make him approach her team with such an absurd request.
But frankly the only difference between the teams was the fair-haired Wilson.
The fair-haired London Mayor has asked fellow candidate Pearl Lewis, 27, to address the meeting in the constituency where he is standing to be an MP.