fair trade

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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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Over the past three years, staff and students at the school have worked hard to embed fair trade principles into school life and raise awareness of fair trade amongst students and the wider school community.
Encourage an organi-|sation you are part of to switch to fair trade products - eg school, faith group, workplace, society.
Founder and CEO Nigel Willerton, a dedicated Fair Trade advocate who led the charge to bring Fair Trade Organic Sugar to the U.
The discussion of fair trade is not as straightforward.
Currently, 14 out of the 25 colleges and universities that have achieved fair trade status from Fair Trade Campaigns are Catholic.
Demand for Fair Trade products is rising as people become more aware of how their food and other products are made.
Several recent studies have found that some consumers are willing to pay a premium for fair trade and many have explored the characteristics of professed fair trade buyers.
A fair trade steering group is established, with representatives from the student body, college staff and catering or procurement department.
This was not because the Fair Trade cooperatives were based in areas with higher or particular disadvantages.
To mark these twin achievements Fair Trade Wales collected thousands of My Fair Trade Nation postcards from supporters across Wales and sent Santa Claus to deliver those messages to Scotland.
As a preliminary measure, Fair Trade USA sets a minimum price for each of its products, whether its coffee or bananas, ensuring that the farmers will not be impacted by market fluctuations.
ISLAMABAD -- World Fair Trade day will be celebrated on 12 May in diverse places and cultures across the globe to promote global awareness of fair trade.
Fair trade is a system of exchange that honors producers, communities and the environment by ensuring that farmers and artisans throughout the developing world are paid fair prices for their work and have direct involvement in the marketplace.
What worries Mohan, and ought to worry the rest of us, is the possibility that fair trade zealots will turn to coercion to speed up the success of their movement.